One thing we know to be true here at Brit HQ is that you guys don’t like wall art… you guys LOVE wall art. Well, we’ve got good news: Re:Make Austin will be chock-full of makers who create creative, colorful and sometimes sassy wall art.

So, if you aren’t already registered for Re:Make Austin, be sure to register here or here. Did you register? Okay, great. You might also be wondering what other rad things there are to do in Austin, Texas (aka ATX). We *definitely* recommend heading over to They’ve got the ultimate guide to getting the complete Austin experience. Plus, their Instagram photos are sure to get you pumped for a weekend in ATX.

Now read on for the best of wall art at Re:Make 2014.

1. Mint Scissors ($10): Mint is in, DIY is never out, and we’re pretty much obsessed. Can we please get an actual pair of mint scissors AND this fun watercolor print? (via Anna Tovar)

2. Everything is Awesome ($60): Okay, maybe everything is not *always* awesome, but Re:Make is coming to Austin. That is awesome. The colorful felt letters in this lighthearted banner are awesome, too. (via Beta Wife)

3. Bacon Monster ($12): Say what?! The bacon monster exists. Well, he exists on this colorful and silly print from the folks at fisk & fern. (via fisk & fern)

4. Reclaimed Texas Wall Hanging ($98): This one is for the Texans. We know you guys have no shame in proclaiming your state pride, and this rustic wall hanging might be the perfect way to do so. (via Hemlock & Heather)

5. Wood Framed Chalkboard ($60): Don’t believe the rumors. Chalkboards aren’t going out of style. In fact, they make a pretty fabulous Mother’s Day gift. Why not pick up this lovely accent piece for your mom’s kitchen?

6. Prints Celebrating Summer ($18-$45): Summer is nearly upon us. Add a touch of warmth to your kitchen with these colorful prints that showcase our favorite summer fruits and veggies. Can we get that heirloom tomato print ASAP? (via Maria Schoettler)

7. Gin & Tonic Small Edition ($12): You’re the gin to our tonic. You’re the rum to our Coke. That’s why if we could, we’d snag one of these prints for each and every one of you guys.

8. Mi Casa ($15): Simple, beautiful, classic. This print is proof that it’s all about the font, and is now going on our to-buy list STAT. (via My Dear Fellow Co.)

9. 2014 Cosmos Wall Calendar ($25): We’re only four months into 2014, and there’s no excuse not to have a pretty wall calendar. Now that you’ve discovered this print from Native Bear, there’s really no reason not to have one. Did we mention it’s on sale? (via Native Bear)

10. Birds of a Feather ($20): Would you say you and your mom are kindred spirits? Then this colorful wall print might just fit the bill this Mother’s Day. We’re not sure what we love more — the color palette or the phrase.

11. Aqua + Gold Geometric Print ($15): We’ve been crushing on the folks at Scout & Lilly for a while now. When we heard that all of their prints are completely unique, we were sold all over again. This one comes pretty close to the Brit + Co. colors, don’t you think? (via Scout + Lilly)

12. Dreams & Schemes ($25): If there’s one thing we love here at Brit HQ, it’s dreamin’ and schemin’. Don’t be surprised if you find one of these hanging in our lobby next time you’re here. (via Tastefully Mismatched)

Alright folks, that’s all we’ve got for now. Don’t forget to register for Re:Make Austin. It’s just over two weeks away, and we can’t wait to see you there!