There’s just something fun about sipping your favorite drink through a colorful tube. But there’s more than one way to enjoy everything — including the humble straw. (And we’re not talking spit balls!) We love being creative with ordinary objects, which is why we’re getting crafty with our straws. Round up those leftover straws and get ready for 21 DIY straw repurposes, from party props to DIY pixie stix.

1. Straw Paper Easel: Considering that the only materials required are paper straws and glue, this DIY is thrillingly easy. Make mini easels in a variety of sizes and use them to show off your photos and the kiddos’ artwork, or turn them into colorful place-card holders. So clever! (via Wants and Wishes)

2. Photo Booth Props: In just three simple steps (print, cut, paste), you can create your own photo props. Party on! (via Toffee Magazine)

3. DIY Pixy Stix: Remember Pixy Stix, that sweet-‘n’-sour powdered candy you loved as a kid? Make your own with paper straws! You get total control of the sugar content, plus you can choose straws to match your party decor. (via Cupcake Project)

4. Stars and Stripes: Straws and twine come together to create a stunning string ‘o stars. This festive garland will light up your party like daytime fireworks. (via House of Earnest)

5. DIY Birthday Candle Cupcake Toppers: It’s hard to improve on a cupcake, except perhaps with a fancy candle topper. Make your mini cakes more magical with this clever DIY. (via Icing Designs)

6. DIY Springtime Paper Straw Banner: Make a fun garland to bring some color (and a touch of whimsy) into your home this spring using baker’s twine and paper straws. (via Sassy Style)

7. Confetti Popsicles: Popsicles? Check. Cool straws? Check. Sprinkles too!? Check. This is a total no-brainer. (via Icing Designs)

8. Sweet Sips for Mom: Gift a bouquet of flowers that never dies. Not only do these blooms make a beautiful bouquet, but they’re totally useful too. Gift them alongside glass bottled drinks for the ultimate effect. (via Oh Joy)

9. Rose Love Gram: We searched high and low for the source of this DIY to no avail, but it was too sweet not to include here. What a great way to gift a flower! (via Pinterest)

10. Fruit Pops: This eye-catching sweet is stunning on any dessert table. They make perfect little wands for a princess party or stunning sparkler-style treats for patriotic holidays. In true sparkler fashion, they’re sure to be extinguished quickly… chomp, chomp! (via Bakers Royale)

11. Straw and Paper Airplanes: Straws and paper strips come together to create paper planes with a modern twist. These mini aircrafts are meant for little hands to enjoy, and it is such an easy DIY that kids can get in on the crafting too. (via DIY Network)

12. Pinwheel DIY: It just isn’t spring until you pull out the pinwheels. These bright spinning swirls are the perfect solution for post-winter color cravings. (via Lolly Jane)

13. Mini Tissue Pom Straws: Let your creativity bloom. Tiny, tissue flower poms adorn paper straws and turn any drink into a celebration. (via Lemon Drop)

14. Straw Bunting DIY: If you just happen to have some leftover straws hanging about, turn them into a modern, three-dimensional bunting. We’re lovin’ the bright neons in this version, but stripe straws would make a cool garland too. (via Smile and Wave)

15. DIY Party Blowers: Keep guests (young and old!) entertained with handmade party blowers. Way to make your party pop! (via Minted)

16. Printable Chalkboard Letters Cake Bunting: Transform an average cake (or cupcakes) into a party-worthy treat by decorating it with this charming chalkboard cake bunting. Just print the letters, fold, glue and attach to straws. (via Yellow Bliss Road)

17. Banana Pops: Food on a stick is our fave… especially when the “stick” is actually a pretty paper straw. Spear banana slices, then dip ’em in chocolate and load up the toppings. (via Bakers Royale)

18. Hot Chocolate On a Stick: We’re game for anything that involves chocolate. Add these mini chocolate molds to a cup of hot milk and stir for instant hot cocoa. (via Pink Doormat)

19. Paper Straw Flags: These pretty paper flags can be used to adorn your party table or simply dress up your drinking straw. Paper is all it takes to craft those cuties. (via Popper and Mimi)

20. DIY Straw Backdrop: That’s right! Straws on the wall make your photobooth dreams even more colorful. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

21. DIY Hanging Planters: Taking a major departure from their previous purpose in life, these straw-supported planters certainly don’t suck. (via Brit + Co.)

Are you a sucker for paper straws, too? Share your favorite use for these sippers in the comments!