You know we love us a good repurposing hack on the items you already own, which is why I popped over to the TODAY Show again this morning to show the folks there a few new ways to use objects you likely have lying around the house. Ever wondered what to do with all of those pool noodles in the winter? Dozens of sharpies lying in your drawer? Leftover thumbtacks? We’ve got just the tricks.

Let’s start with one of our favorite household items — Sharpie markers!

1. Sharpie Dishware: We suggest planning out your designs beforehand, but doodling is fun too. It’s up to you, but the simpler the better. Once you’re in a rhythm, it’s easy! We used regular Sharpie markers and basic white ceramic dishware. Once you’re done drawing, just bake your finished pieces for 20 minutes at 250F to seal your designs. Custom, affordable dishware!

2. Sharpie Wall Art: Inspired by this string art sign by Vintage Revivals, we created this sign in preparation for Valentine’s Day! Start with a 3 x 4 foot canvas, then trace the outline of the heart. Then use painter’s tape to outline the “LOVE” letters. Now, using a ruler and your sharpie, draw lines across the heart. Remove the tape and voila! We used one color for our heart, but this simple DIY is an easy way to add a custom color pop to any room!

Speaking of simple color pops, one of our all time favorite DIYs here at Brit HQ is this collection of color block candles.

3. Color Block Crayon Candles: That’s right, crayons! We combined bold crayons with standard candle wax to create colorful collection of votives. The results? Pretty darn awesome. All you need is a microwave, the right colors, and you’re halfway there.

Next, a household product with an infinite amount of storage solutions.

4. Use Ice Cube Trays for Storage: There have been so many ideas of how to use this common product all around the web, but these are my three favorites: 1) to store all those knick-knacks (this is my secret trick for storing DIY supplies!), 2) as an easy-to-clean paint tray, or 3) as a miniature herb garden. So handy! (image via WikiHow)

Another clever use for a common object is using thumbtacks to create art!

5. Thumbtack Wall Art When we first created thumbtack wall art, we created a simple gold design. For today’s creation, I incorporated my own popular family slogan: Dream Laugh Love. We made this simple piece using a basic canvas, a few coats of paint, and thumbtacks. And all for less than $10 — now that’s affordable art!

6. Thumbtack Sunburst Mirror: For this next DIY, I was inspired by Kara Paslay Designs. You can also give that basic wall mirror a design boost by simply using thumbtacks to create a frame. This works well with photographs too.

What summer-loving human HASN’T used a pool noodle? They are so fun! But if yours are getting a bit old or taking up too much space, why not repurpose them into something else great?

7. Pool Noodle Wreaths: A big thank you to Fox Hollow Cottage for my original noodle wreath inspiration. Simply tape the ends of a noodle together and cover with your favorite fabric, yarn, ribbon to make these chic pool noodle wreaths. Use these wreaths all year long by simply switching out the decorative touches. Simple felt hearts, fabric flowers or even this awesome laser cut sign we made just for the folks at The Today Show. I think I know a perfect place for this ORANGE ROOM wreath ;)

8. Pool Noodle Race Track: Okay, I know these pool noodles can also double as swords… but we were also inspired by blogger Passionate Penny Pincher who made this awesome kid-friendly DIY pool noodle race track! Simply cut one of the larger noodles in half, use toothpicks to attach the “tracks,” prop on a chair or counter, and race away!

What other uncommon uses have you come up with for common household items? Talk to us in the comments below.