Summer is the perfect time to sit back and savor a frosty drink. Whether your warm weather beverage of choice is a glass of sparkling sangria or a creamy soda float, be sure to sip in style with these 23 awesome straws.

1. ‘Stache Straws ($12): The mustache craze continues with this handsomely manicured accessory. A kooky do’ for your upper lip while you sip! You might recognize these from our yummy PB&J Smoothie.

2. Glitter Flag Straws ($14): Shimmery, adorable and totally customizable for any summertime celebration. Write your initials on each flag and have these straws double as picnic table placeholders. (For more glitter goodness, head here.)

3. Chevron Straws ($9): Geometric patterns like this simple chevron are on trend this summer. For a modern, elegant presentation, cut to size and serve in stemless wine glasses.

4. Cat Mask Straw ($3): This straw twists and turns into a frisky feline face mask. Live like you’ve got nine lives with this thirst quenching costume.

5. Celebration Straw ($10): This giant straw is big enough to stick into an entire bottle of bubbly! Share it with your friends as the gang strikes a pose in a party photobooth.

6. Garden Straws ($6): Bring the garden to the table with these blossom covored straws. Its pop of peachy floral will give your drink a dainty makeover.

7. Birch Bark Straws ($8): Get a taste of the great outdoors with this wood grain straw. Birch is as about as chic as the forest gets with its cool ash-colored bark.

8. Polka Dot Straws ($4): Adorable dots in every color of the rainbow! Guaranteed to get the group ready for a friendly game of Twister.

9. Lips Straws ($9): Keep your lips pretty and puckered from the first through final sip. These ruby lips will stay smirking even when you’re drinking a leafy green smoothie!

10. Heart-Shaped Straws ($8): Play cupid with this straw for your sweetie. A great favor for Valentine’s Day drinks or for any “just because” moment. Now you just need a romantic table setting to match :)

11. Yankee Doodle Dandy ($4): Bold and bright, these neon straws will punch up any drink, especially for 4th of July weekend!

12. Umbrella Straws ($4): You don’t need to be sipping on a tropical bev to get with the island vibe. Pop open a parasol and forget your troubles!

13. Flip Flop Straws ($2): Summer style means cutoff shorts, tiny tanks and of course flip flops. Embrace the full potential of beach casual with these straws.

14. Glow in the Dark Straws ($4): Make your drink stand out at crowded party or bonfire bash with these LED straws. Change the color of your straw as the night goes on with the push of a button to red, green, blue or a glowing mix of all three!

15. Classic Crazy Straws ($2): The OGs of crazy straws: wavy, whimsical and fun at any age.

16. Glasses Straw ($8): Look super smart as you send your drink on a swirling journey to your mouth. No need to distract your eyes from feel-good summer reading!

17. Smartphone Straw ($10): Avoid unwanted party spills and never miss a text with this hands free phone straw. A real in-your-face solution for those who just can’t put down their smartphones.

18. Star Straws ($4): You don’t have to wait for the sun to set for the stars to shine at your party! Choose from a variety of colors to match any theme from day to night.

19. Stainless Steel Straws ($20): Pack these heavy-duty, reusable straws with your next weekend camping trip. The sturdy straws can also be chilled to give a cold, refreshing burst to the start of your sip.

20. Pinwheel Straws ($10): A festive drink decoration for any easy breezy outdoor soiree.

21. Sports Team Straws ($5): You’ve got the jersey, the hat and the foam finger, you sports fan you. Now top off your memorabilia collection with a straw donning the official logo of your favorite sports team!

22. Knuckle Straws ($3): This looney design will have your drink spinning in circles. This straw is just begging to be hacked into a DIY double finger ring!

23. Milkshake Straws ($6): These wide-mouthed straws are perfect for drinking thick treats like flavored floats or traditional milkshakes. Or drop some sinkable treats into your glass like tapioca pearls or small blueberries for a sweet surprise as you sip!

What’s your favorite silly straw on this list? Tell us in the comments below.