From CES to MWC to Y-O-U, we’ve learned that the hottest wearable technology is ultimately the most useful. Fitness trackers that can wake you up in the morning, jewelry that alerts loved ones if you’re in danger, contact lenses that measure glucose levels. They take what you already use and make it better. Sounds good? Sounds like ReSound LiNX, smart hearing aids that might be the only thing Grandma will love more than phone calls from you. #LettersEvenBetter

These tiny hearing aids come jam-packed with as many features as your next TV or smartphone might. Sure, they’re enhanced with supersonic Surround Sound for crystal clear hearing capabilities, but really earn their “smart” stripes thanks to a wireless SmartRange chip that allows them to stream whatever you’re doing on your Apple device directly to your ears. You can connect to music you’re playing, FaceTime and phone calls, turn-by-turn directions from a map app, a movie or YouTube video, anything you’d normally do on your iPhone or iPad.

ReSound’s Smart app is pretty cool too. It can create sound profiles depending on different places you go, adjusting levels whether you’re at the office or a restaurant. You could even use it to adjust the bass or treble at a concert — not just the music you’re streaming from Spotify, but LIVE music.

ReSound LiNX sound like they will be the most useful for someone who is already an iPhone user so could be the hot, must-have aid for the hearing impaired of all ages. And maybe like physical therapy works with you on different exercises, there could be a type of tech therapy where the “Genius Bar” experience would be part of your doctor’s appointment. Just a thought, future of healthcare!

Could you see someone you know who uses hearing aids trying these out? What other health devices would you want as a wearable?