With a whole team of new smartwatches and fitness trackers begging to note your every waking (and sleeping!) move, notification received and song played, the battle for your wrist is fierce. Not only does every new wearable come with just as many features or app options as the next, but they’re getting to be pretty darn cute too. Take a look at the latest before you put all your Apples in one basket.

Over at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Samsung revealed a new line of smartwatches to update the Gear: the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo (both up top) and Gear Fit. The Gear 2s are updates of the Gear, but run on Samsung’s Tizen OS instead of Android. The Neo will be the more affordable of the two newbies and clocks in slightly smaller and lighter, minus the camera. The straps are interchangeable like the ones above, which made us oo and ahh a little, not going to lie.

The Gear Fit looks like it’ll be Samsung’s answer to your FitBit or Jawbone but has the screen suspected in Apple’s wearable. You’ll still be able to receive notifications and incoming calls from your Samsung phone, but the focus is more on activity tracking.

There’s also an update on the Sony Core and Smartband, a wearable we had our eye on during CES 2014. This fitness/life tracker will be released in March along with the Lifelog app that keeps an account of daily physical activity and a much meatier diary of where you go, what you listen to, photos you take. It can even track how you sleep to make sure you wake up on the right side (or at least the right time) every morning. Eventually available in all of these candy-colored options, (it will launch at first just black) the Smartband can connect to Android and iOS devices. See, we can all get along.

Wearables? More like, “Want-to-Wearables,” amirite? We hope the ever-rumored iWatch understands that it will have to bring it in the looks department to compete.

Do you currently use a fitness tracker? Give us YOUR recommendations (or whatever you’re looking forward to testing out) below!

(Photos: h/t to Android Central! Check out their video here.)