I mean, we all kind of guessed this day would come, but so soon? In 2014? This was more like a 2018 type of thing in our minds.

Google just wrote on their blog that they are experimenting with a “smart contact lens” that surprisingly, is not necessarily a replacement for Google Glass (though we think it should be), but instead is a way for people who suffer with diabetes to track and control their blood sugar levels.

As a past glucometer user myself (I don’t have diabetes, I am just weirdly obsessed with quantifying my health and trying new body tech), I hated the fact that I had to prick my finger and literally DRAW BLOOD every time I wanted to check my glucose levels. Turns out that you can also measure your glucose levels from the tears in your eyes.

So now Google has gone out and figured how to take a tiny wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor and embed them between two layers of soft contact lens material. The product is still a ways from being approved by the FDA, but it’s clearly something that’s been in the works for awhile, and if Google is already releasing this information to the public, must be far enough along to be considered a very potential solution in the near future.

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