If you have a love of ‘90s pop culture‘90s hairstyles, ‘90s makeup,‘90s music, oh my! — you’ll surely remember Miss Cleo. She was the queen of TV psychics and dominated the decade with her kitschy fortune-telling commercials, promising callers intimate deets on their future love lives, careers and anything else their questioning hearts desired (for a per-minute fee, of course). Miss Cleo made quite the career out of her small-screen-based fame — but now, the world is saying goodbye to Miss Cleo, as she has sadly passed away at the age of 53.


Running the Psychic Readers Network throughout the late ‘90s, Miss Cleo’s commercials were a common sight to anyone who spent late nights watching TV. After telling customers’ futures and fortunes through tarot readings over the phone for years, her business ended due to charges of fraud and deception in the early 2000s.

Recently, though, Miss Cleo was battling colon cancer, which had unfortunately spread to her liver and lungs (according to her rep who spoke to TMZ) and caused her to pass away on Tuesday morning at a hospice center in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Though we’ll always remember her as the eccentric, straight-talking, fortune-telling woman from the screen, her family is remembering Youree Dell Harris (which was Cleo’s real name) as a “pillar of strength.”

RIP, Miss Cleo.

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(h/t People; photos via Miami Herald/Getty)