Smartwatches have been all the rage in tech recently, and they’re now becoming available in all different styles and varieties. The newest player on the market, Ritot, is a unique take on this concept and may just change how you look at time… or at least, how you glance at your watch.

This wearable, currently being funded on Indiegogo, is calling itself the “first projection watch.” The concept’s pretty simple; just press a button or shake your wrist and the time gets projected across your hand.

Next time someone asks for the time — just tell them to talk to the hand with a flick of your wrist! It makes a quick time check mid-project or workout incredibly quick, and when it’s dark out or you’re in a dim setting, you won’t have to squint to see the time.

You can’t crowdfund a watch these days without a few smart bells and whistles, and you know this wristcandy is connected in some way. What makes this watch smart is that it will also project phone calls and social notifications as they come in. We’re loving the idea of getting meeting reminders projected across our hands. This will pretty much guarantee we’ll never be late to a meeting because we’re in the zone and typing away with our headphones on again.

The projection function comes in 20 different colors and the watch itself is a sleek unisex band that’s available in a variety of looks. You can get yours for half of what it will eventually retail for by pledging $120 to the project now. It has already surpassed its fundraising goals almost 10 times over, so it looks like you’ll have a lot of help bringing “talk to the hand” back into popular vernacular.

Would you wear Ritot? What’s your favorite smartwatch so far? Let us know in the comment section!