Disney proposals can be a tricky thing. They can be magical, but they can also be terribly cliche. It鈥檚 a fine line you have to walk should you say 鈥測es鈥 (or pop the question) in Mickey鈥檚 not-so-humble abode. We recently shared an epic proposal on the聽Disney鈥檚 Boardwalk Resort that came complete with narrated love notes and dancers, but it looks like Rob Dyrdek, the star of MTV鈥檚 Fantasy Factory (and the early 2000鈥檚 hit Rob and Big) just might have that couple beat.

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Dyrdek, who鈥檚 known for being a softy at heart with a flair for the dramatics, popped the question to his girlfriend Bryiana Noelle this past weekend during a live show of Aladdin at Disneyland.

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According to Bryiana鈥檚聽Instagram account, here鈥檚 how the proposal went down: 鈥淗alf way through the Aladdin show he told me he had to use the restroom and all I could think was 鈥渙h, no.. you鈥檙e going to miss the show for the 4th time!鈥 The next thing I knew, there he was.. definitely NOT missing the show because he was taking over!鈥 Dyrdek had entered the stage atop an elephant.

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He then went to chat to the Genie and requested three wishes. Rob first wished to be in the Aladdin show. Considering he was already on stage, that one was kind of already granted. He then requested that 鈥渢he most beautiful woman God has ever created to join him on stage.鈥 After that, he asked the Genie to give him 鈥渟omething that shows her my love for her is a forever love鈥 (Dyrdek cut no corners here, Noelle鈥檚 rock is massive). And with that he was handed a ring, got down on one knee and popped the question.

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And then in true Disney fashion, the two sailed off into the sunset. No really鈥 the newly engaged duo is currently chilling in the Caribbean.

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(Photos via @robdyrdek and @bryiana_noelle)