There’s a lot of science surrounding love and dating. Thanks to lots of online dating and dating data in general, we know the average age people meet their life partners. Science has also shown that the number one physical trait women seek in their partners is height. It turns out that when it comes to the science of relationships, height has a greater impact that you ever imagined. Are you shorter than your partner or are you taller than your SO? Or perhaps you see eye-to-eye on everything because you are in fact physically eye-to-eye. If the latter is the case, it might be your genes that are responsible for helping to hook you up.

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A recent study published in Genome Biology had scientists studying 13,068 heterosexual couples and discovered that 89 percent of the genes that are responsible for a person’s own height are also responsible for the height of their preferred partners. What that means in layman’s terms is that folks are generally attracted to others who are around the same height as them.

The researchers even claim that their snazzy scientific calculations could possibly predict the height of someone’s significant other with 13 percent accuracy. Although, this obviously isn’t always the case and studies have also noted that ladies tend to prefer taller fellas, this new study shows that love come be found in any size.

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