Tattooing is an art form that takes some serious skills. From those teeny tiny tats to intricate florals, tattoos are beautiful masterpieces for the canvas that is our body. One artist we can NOT get enough of these days is the badass and uber-talented Sasha Unisex. This Moscow-based artist is a tattooer after our own hearts. With cute, fierce and majestic animals being her specialty, pretty much all of her designs are geometric-inspired, watercolor-esque and full of color (usually with some galaxy print mixed in). If you are not following her Instagram already, get on it! See below for some of our furry faves.


1. Snuggled up Fox: Could there be anything cuter than this curled-up fox? We think not.


2. Perky Penguin: This penguin has happy feet and killer winter style.


3. Moon-icorn: This epic unicorn in a crescent moon is one sexy tat that we can’t get enough of.


4. Fine Fish: It’s just like a pet fish, but without all the cleaning, feeding and (heartbreakingly) short lifespans.


5. Roses, Roses Everywhere: While fauna is what she’s known for, Sasha’s flora tats are just as incredible. This one is a collab with another #girlboss tattoo artist also named Sasha.


6. Pretty Rabbit: Thumper ain’t got nothing on this purple beaut.


7. Blue Unicorn: We’re pretty sure that unicorn tats will never get old. This pretty-in-blue one is of majestic proportions.


8. Puppy Tat: Puppy love is best shown in the form of ink, dontcha think?


9. Geo Birds: Just put these pretty geometric birds on everything.


10. Space Lion: Galactic Simba FTW.


11. ‘Coon Couple: These cute-as-a-button raccoons are the perfect couple tattoos for the forest-lovin’ duo.


12. Seahorse from Outer Space: Galactic seahorses exist, right? The mane on this little guy makes for one regal, intergalactic sea creature.


13. Rainbow Wolf: We would gladly be BFFs with anyone who has an arm tattoo this fiercely colorful.


14. Arctic Beauty: This pretty polar bear posing under the northern lights is like something out of a fairy tale… or maybe GoT?

Which animal tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @sashaunisex)