‘Tis the season for love. At least, that’s what our packed calendars are showing us. If all this romance has you thinking about your own happily ever after, but you’re just not feeling that band, some ink might be more your style. Let these 16 simple yet bold statements of foreverness inspire your next date… at the tattoo shop.


1. Finger Hearts: Possibly the most basic matching tattoo would be a beautifully simple line drawing of a heart. If the two of you are feeling extra adventurous, forgo the ring finger for another favorite digit. (via @elora94adams)


2. Infinity Symbol: Nothing says forever better than a little infinity symbol. Tucked away on the side of your ring finger, it’s a great alternative to a band, but still subtle enough to share the spotlight with some bling. (via @inkstinctionshawn666)


3. Anchors: A straightforward symbol perfect for couples who keep each other grounded, matching anchor tattoos will get you through rough and stormy waters. (via @instakay26)


4. Lightsabers: We’re totally loving the unique nerdy-ness of this tattoo. Not only is it a great idea for true Star Wars fans, but it’s also a clever example of how a shared hobby can make a great matching tat. (via @kayjaytay)


5. Sugar Skulls: With plenty of colors and custom male and female versions, these sugar skulls are more sweet than scary. (via @mrs_m.arce)


6. Watercolor Cranes: Pairing a watercolor inking technique with a whimsical paper crane outline (and topped with king and queen crowns), these tats are ideal for an artistic powerhouse couple. (via @tatuajes_mexico)


7. Geometric Pieces: When you find the missing piece to your heart, try saying it in an abstract, puzzle-like sort of way. (via @huntedbywolves)


8. Arrows: If you’ve struck one another’s hearts, similar-looking male and female arrows are only appropriate. (via @jessicaleighozimek)


9. Matching Hearts: Instead of making a heart tattoo front and center on your hand, try a rounder outline on the side. It’s subtle, but oh-so cute when you two are holding hands. (via @brejean_)


10. Heart & Arrow: A mix of a heart and arrow in two different locations makes for a unique take on the traditional tat. (via @lisaellbs)


11. Pinky Promise: While pinky promise is an adorable phrase, you can also customize it so that it’s two parts of a phrase unique to just the two of you. (via @jessicabranstetterphotography)


12. Minimalist Rings: Maybe the most obvious switch out for a metal ring is a straight-up inked ring on your ring finger. You could do an all-blank ink band, matching-colored ink band or just a simple line-art version. (via @itsjustcortney)


13. Anniversary Date: Have a date that’s important to the two of you? Mark it forever in a location you’ll always see and will remind you of that certain special day. (via @adamtheskincarvercarrick)


14. Little Elephants: Forget dogs and cats — ying and yang elephants (or any cute animals) are the new maintenance-free family pet. (via @tombo723)


15. Pixelated Hearts: Techies, rejoice! There is a heart tattoo for you, and it looks like this amazingness. (via @msmcgehee)


16. Crescent Moons: Part of the meaning of crescent moons is expunging negative energy and thriving — two qualities every relationship should embody. (via @mrchris1247)

Would you ever get a matching tattoo with your main squeeze? Share your thoughts below.