Like the rest of the universe, we’re always on board when it comes to pancakes, whether they come drenched in maple syrup or fried up like a luscious latke. To feed this flat food habit, we found 23 savory pancake recipes to eat at any time of the day. Now, if we could only learn to flip them straight from the pan like in the movies…

1. Japanese Cabbage and Vegetable: We’d love to party hard with these okonomiyaki-inspired patties. (via Smitten Kitchen)

2. Savory Corn With White Cheddar and Rosemary: Oh, HONEY. These herbed cakes have a hint of sweetness too. (via Set the Table)

3. Savory Bacon Cheddar Green Onion: Don’t turn your back on bacon just because it’s dinner time. (via Life Tastes Like Food)

4. Pizza Pancakes: Go home, everybody. This blogger just broke the Internet. (via Noble Pig)

5. Savory Asian Quinoa with Parsley Cilantro Vinaigrette: Chimichurri-esque pesto is the perfect topping for these fusion quinoa flapjacks. (via Rachel Cooks)

6. Thanksgiving Mashed Potato: This is the best thing that’s ever happened to leftovers. Do we have to wait until Thanksgiving?! (via Domesticate Me)

7. Savory Summer Vegetables with Basil Chive Cream: Zucchini and summer squash paired with an herby cream sauce make for a creative latke. (via Three Square Chef)

8. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and Chard: Chances are, these hotcakes will go like hotcakes at your next dinner party. (via Tartine and Apron Strings)

9. Corn Cakes With Avocado Cream: A little sweet (sweet corn), a little buttery (avocado cream) and a little awesome. (via A Spicy Perspective)

10. Kimchi Pancake: Don’t tell sauerkraut, but kimchi is our favorite fermented child. (via The Kitchn)

11. Mac and Cheese Pancakes: Aaaand we just gained 20 pounds by looking at this picture. Worth it. (via The Blonde Buckeye)

12. Besan Chilla: These Indian chickpea flour pancakes are the bee’s knees with chutney. You can also add veggies right to the batter too. (via Vegan Richa)

13. Parsnip Latkes With Horseradish and Dill: No joke, we squealed aloud when we saw this recipe for under-appreciated parsnips. (via Smitten Kitchen)

14. Savory Ricotta Cakes With Beet Parsley Salad: We have heard wonderful tales of a sweet lemon variety — but never thought to make savory ricotta cakes. Until now. (via Blue Apron)

15. Spinach Cheddar with Sun Dried Tomato Orange Cream Sauce: Dang, somebody put a fried egg on this and call it a night. (via Lick My Spoon)

16. Spaghetti Squash Pancakes: Spaghetti squash stands in for pasta and potatoes in these lovely latkes. (via Hungry Girl por Vida)

17. Savory Coconut Pancakes: If you haven’t heard, coconut is magic. This paleo hotcake recipe can oscillate between savory and sweet like a pro. (via Nom Nom Paleo)

18. Eggplant Pancakes Florentine: Vegan eggplant cakes with an Italian twist? We’ll take two please. (via Fat Free Vegan)

19. South Indian Pancake: Make sure you keep a jug of water close at hand for when those chilies kick your taste buds in the face. (via A Cook’s Memoir)

20. Egg Foo Young-ish Pancakes: Who needs takeout? (via Nom Nom Paleo)

21. Sweet Potato Latkes With Cranberry Apple Sauce: Work those fall flavors into any season with these cakes. (via Tablet Magazine)

22. Potato Pancakes With Jalapeño, Corn and Queso Fresco: We see five Southwest-style pancakes in this picture, and we fear that’s not going to be enough for us. (via For The Love of Yum)

23. Zucchini Pancakes With Horseradish Cream: Have a cold? These horseradish hotcakes will clear that stuffy nose right up. (via Jacob’s Kitchen)

What’s the secret ingredient in your savory pancakes? Let us know in the comments!