If part of your morning routine is walking through a cloud of your signature fragrance (and choking on the bits that you accidentally inhale), we’ve got a new way of applying smelly-good stuff. It comes in the form of an uber luxe eight-piece jewelry collection for gals and guys from By Kilian. Chic and perfumed wearables? Talk about two times the compliments! You won’t need a statement piece to standout in the crowd because they’ll smell you from a mile away! In a good way, of course.

The inspiration for this awesome idea came from 17th-century French perfumers (known as gantiers parfumeurs) who used to infuse men’s leather gloves with fragrance. That was eons ago, but the tradition inspired Kilian Hennessy, founder of By Kilian, to create The Leathers of L’oeuvre Noire for men, too. But, hey, we think the simplistic and sleek design of the Duo Cord Bracelet ($195) and Multi Bands Bracelet ($275). They are unisex, easily chic enough for everyday wear and have the perfect placement for releasing fragrance naturally since your wrists (and neck) are a natural pulse point.

The Jewels of L’oeuvre Noire for women is a four-piece necklace collection that features 18-karat gold Greek-inspired designs and our personal favorite embellishment, tassels. The black silk cords of the Onyx Tassel Necklace ($465) release a subtle trace of fragrance from miniature capsules that break with each wear, and the Locket Necklace ($295) contains a hidden ceramic disc for you to add more as the fragrance weakens or change out when you’re ready for something new. Forget about the midday spritz; you won’t need to reapply for an entire year because these materials are designed to maintain staying power for a full 365. Simply choose any one of By Kilian’s 29 scents to customize your pick. Gorgeous and low maintenance — what more can you ask for from an accessory?

Will you splurge on By Kilian’s scented jewelry line? Tell us if it’s on your wish list in the comments below!

(h/t Snob Essentials; Images via Forbes)