Tassels, tassels everywhere! We are completely addicted to these adorably trendy embellishments and we especially love how easy they are to make. There is no limit to what you can do with them: Try hanging them beneath a lampshade, from a door knob, off the back of a chair or around a vase. Tassels also look great on purse zip pulls and they are a fun way to jazz up gift wrapping.

1. Tassel Party Envelopes: These little tassels will transform your drab and generic card into their own little party! (via The Knotty Bride)

2. Tassel Chain Necklace: How summery are these bright little necklaces? When you see how easy they are you’ll be making one in every color! (via Brit + Co)

3. Tassel Drink Bottles: These adorable frilly drinks are a must at your next summer party. (via Best Friends For Frosting)

4. DIY Tassel Dress: Colorful tassels add just the right amount of rainbow to an all-white dress. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Tassel Keychain: It’s annoying to have a keychain that is heavier than all your keys, which is why we love these delicate tassel keychains. (via Design Sponge)

6. Easy Tassel Bookmark: If you’re gifting any books, why not throw in a handmade bookmark for that extra special touch? (via Projektila)

7. Cotton Tassel Jewelry: Add colorful embroidery floss to any piece of jewelry you already own for a fun summery update. (via Brit + Co)

8. Tasseled Pillow: This is too cute! We might be adding tassels to all the pillows we own… (via Flax and Twine)

9. Sunglasses Pouch: Rescue your sunglasses from the bottom of your purse with this chic little tasseled pouch. (via Luria and Wilma)

10. Yarn Garland: This colorful garland is made with rainbow yarn so you get maximum colors with minimum effort. (via Jacks and Kate)

11. Tissue Tassel Garland Cake Topper: Miniature swag perfect for every cake and any occasion. (via Something Turquoise)

12. Suede Tassels: Perfect for earrings or necklaces these colorful suede tassels will give a fun, boho edge to your look. (via Brit + C0)

13. Balloon Tassels: These tassels are so simple yet they add so much to your party decor. Your guests will go nuts over them, especially when they are paired with these balloons. (via Kristi Murphy)

14. Scrap Statement Earrings: If there is a cuter way to use up scrap fabric, we haven’t seen it yet. (via My Life Box)

15. Neon Pop Necklace: Tiny tassels add a fun texture to this bright statement necklace. (via Erin Siegel Jewelry)

16. Hanging Planters: It’s always fun to see plants in places besides the windowsill and these tasseled planters will add a cool, overgrown look to your wall. (via Fall For DIY)

17. Tasseled Tea Towel: Dress up some inexpensive towels with vibrant tassels and you’ll have some gorgeous table decor for entertaining. (via Homey Oh My)

18. Tassel Scarf: The perfect touch of color to accent an otherwise simple or monochromatic outfit. (via A Beautiful Mess)

19. Tassel Garland: For the next birthday bash, turn a tassel garland into a number or a letter like this number 7. (via Studio DIY)

20. Festive Napkin Toppers: Lovely ombre tassels are dressed up with a glittery cutout star for some very fancy napkins. (via Creature Comforts Blog)

21. Tassel Sandals: These gypsy sandals look like fun to wear and are easy to customize with your own charms and trinkets! (via Honestly WTF)

22. Plumb Bob Wall Hanging: The tassels add a bit of color and the brass plumb bob is an unexpected but elegant end to this piece of decor. (via Lay Baby Lay)

23. Delicate Tassel Necklace: Why buy when you can easily DIY this trendy accessory! (via Sas + Rose)

24. Tassel Bracelets: ‘Tis the season of stacked arms and we’re loving the frilly textured tassels added to the arm party. (via U La La)

25. Tassel Tote: Make everyone at the farmer’s market jealous with this fiesta-colored tote bag. (via Honestly WTF)

26. Scrap Fabric Tassels: For a more casual, shabby chic tassel use rough strips of floral and patterned fabric. (via Decor8)

27. Baby Mobile: Those shiny gold tassels will (hopefully!) keep baby entranced for hours. (via Style Me Pretty)

28. Ombre Tassel Necklace: Ombre + tassels is an easy win-win. (via Oh The Lovely Things)

29. Geometric Pillows: These octagon poufs will add a whole new dimension to your living room couch. (via Brit + Co)

30. Tassel Trim Curtains: Take your drab curtains to a fun new level with a bit of tassel trim. (via Love From Maegan)

31. T-Shirt Tassel: Yay neon! The only item you’ll need to make these awesome tassels is an old t-shirt. (via My Poppet)

32. Gold Tasseled Napkins: These simple little metallic tassels are the perfect way to dress up everyday napkins and add a bit of shine to your dinner table. (via The Glitter Guide)

33. Shade Pull: If your tassel is going to get a lot of wear and tear, make sure you use a sturdy fiber. (via Martha Stewart)

34. Pendant Tassel Light: Dress up a drab shade with a festive pendant trim. (via A Subtle Revelry)

35. Tassel Trim Favor Bags: Nothing says “it’s a party” like a colorful, tassel-trimmed bag of goodies! (via Minted)

36. Throw Blanket With Twisted Cord Tassels: Customize a monochromatic blanket with chunky tassels in your favorite color palette. (via Martha Stewart)

37. Hand-Painted Floor Pillows: These plushy no-sew pillows are perfect for lounging outside on the deck this summer. (via The Plaid Palette)

38. Tassel Placemats: Roll up these pretty placements for picnics, outdoor dinners or just sprucing up your at-the-desk lunch breaks at work. (via Design Sponge)

39. Neon Tassel Gift Wrap: Spruce up any gifts you’re giving with these electric tassels! (via The Sweetest Occasion)

40. Tassel Backdrop: For the tassel master, try hanging multiple overlapping tissue paper garlands for a big “wow!” factor at your next fête. (via Aparment 34)

Will you be tying any tassels for some fun decor accents? Let us know in the comments below!