Whether you鈥檙e watching the inauguration from afar (here鈥檚 how you can stream it, BTW) or are making an appearance in person marching with countless other women from across the country, there are plenty of mixed feelings about the sitch. Here鈥檚 how celebs 鈥 other than those speaking at today鈥檚 women鈥檚 march 鈥 including Hillary Clinton and the Obamas are reacting to inauguration day.

Trump inauguration

Katy Perry got off to a slow start鈥

But was ready to get into the groove鈥

And she certainly wasn鈥檛 alone in voicing what she鈥檚 thinking and doing. For instance, Chrissy Teigen was feeling, um, something鈥

From there鈥

And, of course鈥

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(Photo via Alex Wong/Getty)