‘Tis the season to welcome guests to your home, which is why it’s imperative that you have a great welcome mat at your door. After all, it’s the first thing your guest will likely see when they arrive.

I created this welcome mat using a laser etching machine, but given that about .01% of the world has access to one of those, I’ve also created a DIY tutorial for you to create your own simply using a printable stencil and spray paint.


– Any solid colored rug of your choosing

– Removable adhesive (I love this kind)

– Spray paint color of your choice

– Printable stencils (download printable)


– Print stencils and cut out black areas (text and borders)

– Use your removable adhesive to stick the printables on your mat. Trim if necessary.

– If the edges of your mat are still showing once the stencils are on, use newspaper to cover so that spray paint doesn’t seep through. I’d recommend using your adhesive to attach the newspaper as well, just to be safe.

– Spray over your stencil. Two coats is best. Be sure to keep 6-12” away from the mat while you spray – you want an even coat, nothing too condensed or it will seep under your stencils.

– Let dry for a few of hours

That’s it – you’re done! Having a great welcome mat is the best way to give your guests a conversation starter before they even walk through the door. As always, feel free to email with questions or photos of your own creations: hello@brit.co.