Once you’ve purchased your big furniture, it’s time to have fun with some of the accent pieces like side tables. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite designs—some are simply beautiful, others highly functional, and a few are highly inventive (and still in prototype stage). You’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that will fit your space.

1. Puzzle Table ($159): With one of these tables, it’s the perfect side table for lamps and the remote. Put two or more together, and you have a coffee table.

2. Lily Pad Table Orange ($320): This multi-level table is versatile enough to be used as a coffee table or a side table. And the three “pads” add visual interest to a subdued space. (To say nothing of the shockingly orange legs!)

3. Mihrab Side Table ($798): This beautiful table echoes the classic architectural styles of the Indian subcontinent. It’s an easy way to add a new silhouette to your decor.

4. XL Champagne Cork Side Table ($199): Pop, clink, fizz! This jumbo cork side table is the perfect choice a perpetual hostess. We’d just like to see the bottle this cork came from. Cheers!

5. Twisted Root Side Table ($329): We can’t quite decide if we love this table or if it gives us the creeps. The twisted, tentacle-like legs almost seem to be moving. Don’t let this table walk away!

6. Interactive Tables: Like playing with your furniture? Then these beautiful color block tables are perfect for you. Each piece rotates to completely change the table. Sadly, it’s only a design concept and not available for purchase yet. (via Design Milk)

7. Matchstick Side Table ($275): This striking table is perfect to put next to the fireplace. Just don’t get it too close!

8. Illusion Side Table ($998): If you have a small space a see-through table like this one can provide storage without making your space feel cluttered. We like the added touch of the rope handles on this version.

9. Bedside Table ($420): Genius! Why hasn’t anyone thought to put cup holders in a bedside table before? Think of all the middle of the night spills this could prevent.

10. Offi Mag Table ($199): A modern classic this low side table also flips on it’s end to become a laptop table for those days when you just need to work from the couch.

11. Safe Bedside Table ($245): This might look like an ordinary side table, but if you dismantle the pieces it turns into a shield and bat so you can protect yourself. We’re not sure we’d recommend this one if you’re unsure of your swing.

12. Hourglass Lacquer Side Table ($279): This nod to mid-century designer Eero Saarinen is a favorite on our list because it comes in four bright colors, and has much lower price tag than the classic.

13. Formosa White Tray Table ($50): If you need a table that can multitask, opt for this new take on the TV tray. You can keep it set up by your sofa or your bed most of the time, but remove the tray for serving (or snacking) on the couch.

14. Habitual Side Table: Another design that is sadly still a prototype only, this bedside table is both beautiful and functional. Not only does it have a surface for an alarm clock or water, it also acts as a bookmark for when you just can’t keep your eyes open any longer. (via Yanko Design)

15. Plug-In Side Table: A bedside table and a night light in one? Genius! Now if only this design would hit the stores with plugs that are compatible with the outlets in our homes. (via Cube Meme)

What’s your favorite of these side tables? Tell us in the comments!