We’ve all experienced the frustration of losing your place in a new favorite book. And we all also know that the solution to dodging endless page flipping and paragraph scanning is so very simple: get a bookmark! With back to school season creeping up on us, we rounded up 26 awesome bookmarks that will prevent dog-eared corners and help you avoid endless cliffhangers.

1. Zipper Bookmark ($8): While this neon green zipper doesn’t actually zip to seal this book shut (it’s fastened to a flat and durable bookmark), it looks pretty darn legit, so we’ll say it anyway: Zip it! Zip it good!

2. Help! Bookmark ($19): We’ll begin this description with a disclosure: No paperclip people were hurt in the closing of this hardcover! These quirky stainless steel page-savers can be easily relieved of their squishable duty with the gently yank of their outstretched arms.

3. Iconic Mini Bookmark Set ($6): Woodland creatures, farm animals, and smiley faced critters join forces to shape these adorable bookmark sets. Sure their mini size is nothing less than cute, but it also makes them a great research tool for marking multiple pages in the same book.

4. Sprout Bookmark Set ($8): Books can sprout your imagination, so plant yourself in between the covers with these budding bookmarks. Each sprout is made out of silicone sure to grip your pages like deep seeded roots.

5. Fish Bookmark ($8): Tranquil colors coat this watercolor goldfish bookmark. Made from a thick, flexible plastic, this translucent page swimmer is both beautiful and effective.

6. Fingerprint Bookmark ($9): This genius bookmark triumphs over mid-sentence distractions. Just slip the rubber band around your book and adjust the pointed finger up or down to indicate your place.

7. Superheroes’ Bookmarks ($2): It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a superhero bookmark! These valiant (and villainous) characters are printed on upcycled paper and then colored by hand for a true-to-form comic book feel.

8. Once Upon A Time Bookmark Set($6): A wave of the wand is all it takes to save your place with these fairytale bookmarks. Curling clips reveal the hands of fantastical favorites including a wish-granting good witch or the mischievous hook of a crocodile-fearing ship captain.

9. The Story Behind the Story ($38): Each of these white silicon bookmark characters come with a story of their own, adding dimension to the entire reading process. Would you choose to charm the lonely mermaid or be entertained by the silly goose?

10. Feather Bookmark ($79): High-quality stainless steel is masterfully carved to create this delicate-looking feather bookmark. It’s almost a crime to exile this stunning art object in between the pages of a book, but makes the re-opening a gorgeous reveal.

11. The Bookmarker ($12): These bookmarks just got real! Choose from five stainless steel phrases that articulate your resting point for all to see.

12. Bookmark (£67): This rocking segment doubles as a practical place holder and statement piece fit for any office or library. But we think it works best as a bookworm’s nightstand propped bedside.

13. Rubber Book Comma ($4): Commas trade their usual space at the bottom of a sentence for the tops of each page in order to keep your stories in order. These punctuation marks come in an assortment of cotton candy colors as well as classic typewriter black.

14. Guilty Pleasure Bookmark Pad ($5): From vampires to summer flings, celebrate your guilty pleasures with these paper sticky note bookmarks. Scribble the details of your book on this nifty notepad including “Level of Embarrassment” and if in the end it was worth the read.

15. P-Hook Bookmark ($8): This is a great way to keep your place as you keep your books in order. Finger-sized ring holes pop out from the top of each book making it easy to grab-n-go your current reads from your bookshelf.

16. Evolutionary Bookmarks ($4): Morphing paperclips depict a humorous evolution of mankind. We’s like to see the next human bookclip free themselves from the land line and go totally mobile.

17. Lovely Heart Shape Rubber Bookmark ($4): Proclaim your love for reading with these rubber heart-shaped bookmarks. These give a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve ;)

18. Albatros roughly $9): Keep track of your place in a book just by flipping each page as you read! This too-good-to-be-true bookmark is brilliantly simple: stick each end of the Albatros to the first and last page of your book, crease the center, and you’ve just made the most proactive bookmark of all time.

19. Wicked Witch Bookmark ($20): The fall of a sinister villain is what makes most great stories. Champion good over evil with this comical handmade bookmark. Dorothy would definitely approve.

20. Set of 3 Handy Bookmarks ($5): Coated steel bookmarks are twisted into the pointed fingers and clenched of celebratory hand jesters. We just want to know, where’d the fist bump go?

21. Liquid Bookmark ($34): If you’re into horror stories, this oozing bookmark is definitely for you. We’re not gonna lie, it’s kind of creepy in red, so we’d tone it down with the black or white options.

22. Animal Bookmark Tabs ($6): These sticky notes are way too cute to deface, so why not use them as bookmarks? A chirpy chick or ninja bear are just some of the cuddly options.

23. Magnetic Paper Clips ($10): Keep track of your favorite short stories or key chapters with these colorful clips that hold up to 21 pages. Also great for authors in the making, each clip comes with a magnetic back perfect for posting drafts and revision notes on the fridge door.

24. Bookmark Pillbox Set ($12): Upgrade your paperclips with this set of 32 mini bookmarks. Clear packaging and a labeled top makes this set a must-have desk accessory for keeping your workspace creative and organized.

25. Adhesive Leaf Bookmark ($19): Get the look of a pretty pressed leaf in between your pages with these adhesive bookmarks. These realistic looking leaves come in spring green and fall yellow to match your seasonal mood.

26. Scandinavian Bookmarks ($13): Dogeared days are gone with these page protecting bookmarks. We’re definitely slipping these on the edges of furniture catalogues and design magazines while we’re looking for inspiration to pimp out our new office!

Bonus!Printable Bookmark: We couldn’t resist tossing in a printable bookmark with some famously fudged 90s lyrics. You other brothers can’t deny that big books are better! (via Oh My! Handmade Goodness)

What bookmarks work best for you? Do you prefer traditional shapes or do you go more creative with your reading accessories? Tell us in the comments below!