Gifting is a no-brainer: You’re an expert at it, thanks to your handy-dandy DIY skills and sense of design and style. But sometimes a splurge is in order, and for those of us (all!) that value both design and packaging as much as the products inside, Simone LeBlanc might be the resource for you.


Beautifully designed and thoughtfully chosen products are included in what LeBlanc’s site calls “a bespoke philosophy” applied to ready-to-gift boxes. She clearly takes pride in finishing touches, which you can see in her impeccably curated selection. She’s got everything from “welcome baby” boxes to “bride-to-be” boxes to “welcome to winter” boxes, ready for you to purchase for someone who deserves a little pampering. She’s even got boxes for the guys!


Since starting her company in 2011, LeBlanc has been focused on bringing back the “emotional gift” and making the process of gifting emotional again. After all, a thoughtful gift is usually very well-received. She’s thought of every detail, including the way the packaging of each item fits into a specific color scheme and having personalized notes written to each recipient, which are dictated over the Internet. (Don’t even get us started on her GORGE Instagram account!)


Collaborations include tastemakers such as Clare Vivier, Jenni Kayne and legendary stationer Mrs. John L. Strong, all representative of the caliber of gift boxes she has on the site. Prices start at $72 and can go as far as your imagination (and wallet!) with her custom options — although if you’re design freaks like us, you’ll have a hard time not spending an entire paycheck on gifts for yourself loved ones.

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(Images via Simone LeBlanc)