The Passover Seder is steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean your meal has to be completely conventional. Here are 20 modern takes on classic Passover dishes, like Manischewitz-spiked cocktails and matzo-based chocolate bars. (Don’t let the word “modern” scare you; there’s still plenty of smoked fish, matzo ball soup, and kugel in the mix.)

1. Classic Red Sangria: You could pass around standard glasses of Manischewitz, or you could use the red wine to make a fruity sangria. Since Manischewitz is already so sweet, be sure not to add any sugar to the mix. (via Kitchen Treaty)

2. Smoked Salmon Platter: Now that everyone has a drink, get the party started with a show-stopping salmon platter, complete with cukes, tomatoes, red onion, and tons of shmear. Replace the bagels with matzo to hold all those toppings. (via How Sweet Eats)

3. Waffle-Iron Latkes 5 Ways: Modernize the traditional latke by cooking it in a waffle iron and adorning it with updated toppings, like crème fraîche and apple butter or Greek yogurt and pomegranate. (via Brit + Co)

4. Matzo Ball Soup: This Passover classic is traditionally made with chicken. Welcome your vegetarian friends to the table with a meat-free version. (via Foodal)

5. Salmon Instant Pot Dinner: If you’re hosting a small Passover Seder, use your Instant Pot to create a full meal of steamed fish, potatoes, and veg. (via Brit + Co)

6. Roasted Beef Tenderloin With French Onion Au Jus: Feeling fancier than brisket? This thyme-crusted tenderloin is simpler than it looks but is definitely main-course worthy. Just be sure to omit the butter or replace it with a dairy-free substitute. (via Half Baked Harvest)

7. Matzo Schnitzel: With matzo meal and potato starch, crispy breaded chicken free of leavened ingredients can be yours for your Passover crowd to enjoy. (via Jamie Geller)

8. Instant-Pot Pot Roast: Embrace the modern-day craze for the Instant Pot (and the Whole30 diet) with this nourishing pot roast, which incorporates more veggies than the traditional version. (via Life Made Sweeter)

9. Kofta Kebabs: These kebabs have just six ingredients but are intensely flavorful from cozy cinnamon and aromatic basil. Swap out Passover Panko or matzo meal for the breadcrumbs. These have a tahini dressing, which can be left out depending on if your family consumes kitniyot during Passover or not. (via Jamie Geller)

10. Instant Pot Steamed Artichokes: Celebrate the classic fried artichokes of the Roman Jewish Ghetto with this lighter version, which steams in 10 minutes in the Instant Pot. (via Cotter Crunch)

11. Beet and Carrot Fritters: Switch up the Passover table’s very beige (yet delicious) color scheme with these bright and healthy beet fritters. (via Leite’s Culinaria)

12. Creamy Vegan Risotto With Asparagus and Quinoa: Quinoa is technically a seed, not a grain, so many people give it the seal of approval on Passover. Use it to concoct this risotto, which gets its creamy texture from a purée of roasted cauliflower, beans, and almond milk. However, if you are avoiding beans, just sub in more cauliflower. (via Well Plated by Erin)

13. Matzo Farfel Stuffing: Dates add an unexpected sweetness to this comforting tray of matzo pieces, mushrooms, and aromatic veggies. (via Jamie Geller)

14. Roasted Eggplant Salad: Juicy pomegranate seeds can make any dish look festive, as proven by this bed of seasoned roasted eggplant and pine nuts. Dress it in lemon juice, sea salt, and olive oil if you are not consuming kitniyot like tahini sauce. (via Foraged Dish)

15. Vanilla Noodle Kugel: Use Passover-friendly (usually matzo-based) egg noodles and wafer cookies for this kugel, which balances the sweet notes of vanilla and sugar with the tangier flavor of sour cream. (via Tori Avey)

16. Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake: Butter, chocolate, eggs, and sugar make a shockingly fudgy cake — no flour necessary. You can always sub in vegan butter if you plan on eating the meal less than two hours after consuming meat. (via Baker by Nature)

17. Dessert-Wine Poached Pears: A holiday without flour is an opportunity to get creative with fruit. These pears are poached in simple syrup, honey, and dessert wine until warm and tender. Serve them with non-dairy vanilla ice cream for a glorious temperature contrast. (via Drizzle and Dip)

18. Passover Apple Cake: Matzo cake meal is the secret ingredient in this nutty, apple-rich, and raisin-studded cake. (via Leite’s Culinaria)

19. 5-Ingredient Magic Matzo Chocolate Bars: Have the kids in the family make these crunchy-chewy chocolate bars. The recipe is a simple matter of layering, sprinkling, and drizzling, so it can’t go too awry. (via Half Baked Harvest)

20. Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies: As long as you have matzo meal, you don’t have to give up chocolate chip cookies during Passover. (via Tori Avey)

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(Additional reporting by Paige Johnson)