Finding quality, non-toxic cleaning products is a challenge. *Especially* when the seemingly endless options out there are unaffordable, unappealing, or both. The team behind Society, a members-only marketplace, is here to change just that. Their online store is revolutionizing the way you shop for basics by providing access to responsible, inexpensive, and attractive solutions. Scroll below to learn more about it.

Society6 Cleaning

“After years of our team working in the natural goods and tech spaces, we noticed that renewable, non-toxic goods across the board are cheaper than their mechanical, dirty alternatives,” Society co-founder Jessica Huang says. “Yet, that doesn’t apply for home or personal care products, so we thought there should be another big player in this space. One that cares about people, not just profits. That’s Society.”

Society6 Cleaning Products 2

For a small yearly fee, you can sign up to shop conscious cleaning, gardening, and pet products, all without the traditional markup. Choose from staples like multi-surface spray, carpet cleaner, and washcloths in gorgeous, colorful prints you won’t mind leaving out.

Cleaning Products 3

Items won’t be available to the public until February 2019, but if you’re looking to gain access to these low-cost, healthy goodies before then, head to Indiegogo to be one of the lucky few to snag a lifetime membership early. And don’t forget to check their site for other updates in the meantime!

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