14 Online Home Decor Shops You *Need* to Know About
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14 Online Home Decor Shops You *Need* to Know About

Shopping for home decor can be downright difficult, especially when you only want the coolest, most unique pieces of furniture. While IKEA keeps the budget happy and Anthropologie is always good for a splurge, it’s fun to explore beyond big box stores, especially when you can update your living room decor while still in your pajamas. Whether you’re looking for pieces that will last a lifetime or fun items that fulfill your decorating addiction, we’ve got 14 of the best online home decor shops for scoring a treasure or two (or four).

1. Fab: Looking for an everyday basic? What about these color-dipped wooden spoons ($24)? Craving something more funky? Have a galaxy throw pillow ($40). Fab is as great a resource for basics, a treasure trove of fun, eclectic accent pieces at unbeatable prices.

2. Lulu + Georgia: Whether you’re looking for vibrant rugs or smaller decorative pieces like patterned throw pillows ($99+) and neon woven baskets ($66), Lulu & Georgia’s selection never disappoints. They organize their decor sections by style categories like bohemian, coastal and glamour girl, so you can find exactly what you like.

3. Poketo: Everything at Poketo looks like it should be in an art gallery, partly because the founders believed that all functional pieces should be well-designed works of art. You’ll find things you didn’t even know you needed, like a copper pour-over kettle ($195) or a gold-dipped lightbulb ($18). If you get too lost, explore their picks to find some creative takes on everyday items that could use a little extra flair.

4. Serena & Lily: Preppy and a little bit boho, Serena & Lily’s goods can add a beach house vibe to any home. Toss a metallic Moroccan leather pouf into your bedroom ($495) for a little laid-back glam look. And if you have a baby on the way, you’ll be in heaven as you scroll through their nursery decor. Why? Because every nursery needs a mounted fauxidermy fox ($168).

5. DwellStudio: If you fancy yourself a globe-trotter (or just wish you were), you’ll love DwellStudio’s mod-inspired finds. They’ve got enough gold home accessories to finally satisfy your love of bling, and you can keep your coffee table styling game on point with a gold beetle paperweight ($69) or a faceted black vase ($15).

6. Brika: The best part about shopping this online store is that you can “meet” every single maker and artist who has crafted each item. Whether you’re shopping for a geometric wood recipe box ($45) or a ceramic mint phone dock ($50), Brika features the work of a wide variety of makers, artisans and designers to celebrate the idea that “our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them.” Now that’s a pretty good reason to go shopping.

7. Terrain: If you’re a fan of Anthropologie (um, who isn’t?), you’ll flip for their sister store, Terrain. It’s completely focused on gardening, so if you’re trying to cultivate your green thumb, you’ll find everything from gorgeous furniture finds like petrified wood cutting boards ($78) to garden accessories like these gold pot trays ($7+).

8. Furbish: Blogger and designer Jamie Meares showcases her unique, eclectic taste with a curated collection of upholstery, decor items and gifts. If you’re inspired to try out a little pink decor, check out the magenta kilim pouf ($400) or these petal pink shibori throw pillows ($65).

9. Leif: Sometimes it’s the littlest things that turn out to be the best part of your day: a handmade ceramic mug ($28) for your morning joe, scented soap ($14) that makes you smile or a colorful vase ($38) full of fresh flowers. Leif’s mission is to present the most special, beautiful things that add a unique touch to everyday living. Head on over to find decorative objects and accent pieces with a feminine, rustic edge at an affordable price point.

10. Amara: It’s easy to look like a professional decorator once you’ve picked up a few of these home accessories. With over 35,000 items on the site, Amara offers everything to fit your needs, whether it’s an agate picture frame ($114) or a color blocked hourglass ($22). Go ahead and treat yourself — you deserve to splurge.

11. Kaufmann Mercantile: Here you’ll find something for everyone, whether it’s office accessories, barware or sewing essentials. Not only do their pieces rock that timeless, classic look, but Kaffmann Mercantile believes all products should last a lifetime rather than clutter a landfill. See? When you think of it that way, it’s easy to see why you need a Swedish brass planter ($99).

12. High Street Market: Their selection of brass accessories is reason enough to click through — hello, adorable toothpick porcupine ($29). They also have a whole section dedicated to quartz and agate pieces, so get ready to embrace Pantone’s rose quartz color.

13. H&M Home: Okay, this one might be a well-known store, but just like their fashion section, H&M’s online home section is filled with on-trend pieces at hard-to-beat prices. Combat the winter blues with earthy, nature-inspired accessories like a banana leaf throw pillow ($13) and a sea green vase for fresh flowers ($25).

14. Brit + Co: Not to be too braggy here, but the Brit + Co shop has some seriously awesome home decor. And if you’re looking for gift for Valentine’s Day, you’ll find everything from an agate slice coasters kit ($39) for bae and modern crochet kit ($39) for your BFF.

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