We often consider rosé our official sparkling beverage of summer and scoring a glass has just gotten just a bit easier. Brooklyn Brew Shop, known for its variety of home brew kits, has just released its first Sparkling Rose Kit ($70). While we’d never say it’s a hardship to order a glass at our favorite bar or cafe or pick up a few bottles at the liquor store, the option to brew rosé ourselves is, well, pretty exciting.

Inside the box, you’ll find all brewing equipment (even corks!) and ingredients you need including specially sourced chardonnay grape juice from a premier vineyard, cuvée yeast, yeast nutrition, and bottling. All you need is a few empty Champagne bottles (we’re sure you have that handy). Then you’ll be on your way to brewing five bottles of sparkling rosé wine (with 11 percent ABV), which should be ready to enjoy about six weeks after you follow the instructions. Brooklyn Brew Shop walks you through the process, which to paraphrase, involves combining the ingredients, shaking them up, and monitoring the alcohol amount as the yeast eats the sugar and converts the juice into WINE. Seems simple enough, right? Given the timeline, you could be popping bottles by Fourth of July!

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(Photo via Brooklyn Brew Shop)