Sleeping can be a real struggle some nights — maybe every night for those with insomnia or other sleep problems. No matter what gadgets we use to capture those elusive Zzs, sometimes even getting the recommended hours of rest can be a nightly challenge. Those struggles might soon come to an end thanks to this a tiny, spritzable product in the near future: a melatonin spray.


Sprayable wants to turn every evening into a dream oasis with the first topical melatonin, Sprayable Sleep. By giving your neck a spray or two about an hour before hitting the hay, the natural and unscented sleep aid — consisting only of melatonin, water and Tyrosine (a derivative of a natural amino acid) — is said to be more effective than any pills or other gimmicks currently on the market. While many people overuse an unhealthy amount of melatonin pills to fall asleep, the spray works gradually throughout the night, allowing the body to stay calm until the alarm goes off.


Since Sprayable Sleep successfully reached its Indiegogo campaign goal, the mist has been put into production. Available to everyone dreaming of an amazing night’s sleep worldwide in July, the time has finally come to ditch the pills + potions and spray yourself to sleep.


Heads up: If you check out Sprayable Sleep and it works wonders for your sleepytime, try out the company’s other product: Sprayable Energy, a topical caffeine spray. Who knows, you may end up saying bye to your morning cup of joe in the AM the same way you’re getting shuteye at night.

Will you be turning to spray to help you fall asleep? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Mashable)