As winter fades and springtime rolls around each year, it brings with it gorgeous blooms and new beginnings — including newborn babies! For expectant parents who want to incorporate the lively season into their little one’s name and avoid repeating one of the top baby names of all time, there’s a bevy of fresh ideas. Here, we’re sharing 20 spring-inspired names for little ones born in the spring months. Your charming pick will be extra fun to announce at your springy pastel baby shower!


1. April: Taking a literal approach to naming a spring baby is never a bad idea when you decide on a signature as sweet as this.

2. May/Mae: April showers don’t just bring May flowers; sometimes they herald the upcoming arrival of a new little soul in the world too. For a slightly less on-the-nose option, spelling the name with an “e” instead of a “y” is just as charming.

3. June: This classic name evokes two distinct images: that of 1950s femininity (remember June Cleaver?) and those final glorious days of school just before summer break. Yes, please.

4. Gemini: For a more celestial take on a springtime name, babies born between May 21 and June 21 arrive under the Gemini sun sign, so why not give a nod to the stars in their name?

5. Vera: The Spanish word for spring is “primavera,” and while you might not wish to name your child after a pasta sauce, a simple “Vera” is beautiful and unique on its own.

6. Verde: Why not tip your hat to the fact that spring makes everything fresh and green again? The Spanish word for the color itself is a sweet, artful way to commemorate the time of year.

7. Flora: Everyone loves a sweet-tempered, innocent newborn. For springtme parents, they get to enjoy their bundle of joy along with beautiful blooms that are waking up from a long winter’s nap. It’s easy to see why this Spanish-influenced name is ideal.

8. Fleur: Any Francophiles in the house? See “Flora” above, but give it a French twist instead.

9. Feder: For tykes with German heritage (or parents who fell in love on a semester abroad in Berlin), the German word for the feather (pronounced “Fee-dah”) couldn’t be more perfect for honoring the return of chirping birds.

10. Chloe: Greek in origin, this name means “fresh blooming” and was used by Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture. That’s a powerful namesake if ever we’ve heard one.

11. Iris: This flowering plant is known for its beautiful blue springtime blooms, and while we’re on the topic, who doesn’t love style icon Iris Apfel?

12. Aviv: Hebrew for “spring,” this sonorous name sounds just like music when you say it out loud.

13. Jade: Instantly calling to mind the color green, this name is associated with more than one kind of rock; it’s also the name of rock ‘n roller Mick Jagger’s daughter with former wife Bianca.

14. Leif/Leaf: Whether you choose the Scandinavian or Anglican spelling, this one’s an obvious choice when paying homage to the season when bare branches spring back to life. The association with a strong, nature-loving Viking will suit your little guy well as he grows.

15. Primrose:Hunger Games aficionados, represent!

16. Lily/Lilly/Lili: Simple and sweet, this classic name never goes out of style, no matter how you spell it.

17. Pearl: The gemstone for June couldn’t be a sweeter or more timeless name for a baby born in the month when spring turns to summer.

18. Sakura: Japanese cherry blossoms are synonymous with early spring, and the proper word for them couldn’t be a more elegant name.

19. Tano: Swahili for the number five, this strong name could be ideal for a baby boy born in May, the fifth month of the year.

20. Laverna: In French, this name literally means “born in the springtime.” Need we say more?

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