15 Pastel Baby Shower DIYs for Your Spring Baby
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15 Pastel Baby Shower DIYs for Your Spring Baby

When your bestie or cousin calls with the happy news (“I’m pregnant!”) and you’re in charge of the baby shower duties, you’re thrilled at first. And then you wonder how in the world you’re going to come up with a great baby shower theme to please the crowd and the mom-to-be. Luckily, time is one your side with this party planning endeavor. Spring is the perfect time to host a bright and beautiful pastel-themed baby shower. Since you have a bit of time to plan, and since April showers bring May flowers, you’ll be able to tackle a few (or all!) of these pretty DIYs and throw a beautiful soiree filled with pastel cakes and all of the other baby shower essentials. Scroll on for 15 picture-perfect pastel party ideas to get started.

1. Come to My Crib Invitation: You can’t have a spring baby shower without an adorable pastel invitation. Not only is this one super punny, but it’s also the cutest option out there. Can you go wrong with cute and punny? Nope. (via Oh Happy Day)

2. DIY Watercolor Balloons: Simple balloons that you pick up at the party store are *so* spring 2015. Snag a few jumbo balloons and paint on a few swipes of your favorite pastel colors. Let ’em dry and scatter them around your space to make it extra festive. (via Studio DIY)

3. Tropical Accents: Can’t wait for summer? We can’t either. Show your excitement by adding tropical accents like palm leaves to the room. To keep them spring-appropriate, spray paint them in pastel hues. (via 100 Layer Cake)

4. Watercolor Cake: While this is a wedding cake, you can totes use it as inspo for your baby shower dessert table. If you’re hosting a big crowd, opt for a few tiers like this one. Whip up a smaller version if your bash is a little more low-key. Either way, a watercolor cake is definitely necessary. (via 100 Layer Cake)

5. Cotton Candy Donuts: If the mommy-to-be is craving everything sugary and sweet during her pregnancy, add these donuts to the shower. To make it super simple, pick up donuts from her favorite bakery and top ’em off with cotton candy to create a pastel vibe. Consider the dessert table complete. (via Studio DIY)

6. DIY Button Spoons: Make your guests ooh and ahh at your party-planning skills by DIYing these spoons. It’s the little details that count! All you need are some wooden spoons and a pack of pastel buttons. Hot glue ’em on and you’re done. See? Being a professional party DIYer is easy. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

7. Sprinkle-Dipped Strawberry Milk Bottles: Dip glass bottles in sprinkles to create a wow-worthy presentation. Then, pour in some strawberry milk to make them pastel AF. If you want to *really* take it to the next level, pop in some trendy paper straws, because… duh. (via Catch My Party)

8. Hey Baby Wall Art: This wall art is uber cute. DIY it with whatever pastel crafting supplies you have laying around. The easiest way to recreate the look? Using washi tape or strips of tissue paper. (via Fete Press)

9. Pastel Mocktails: Mocktails are in store for any baby shower. Make yours light pink and add metallic accents to create a girly vibe. If you’re celebrating a baby boy, opt for blue drinks instead. (Oh Happy Day)

10. Dip-Dyed Pastel Marshmallows: If you’re struggling to find sweet treats and snacks that go with your pastel theme, DIY these dip-dyed pastel marshmallows. Simply add food coloring to a glass of water and dip the marshmallows. Pro tip: These make for a great addition to your dessert table, but you could also add them to a vase to make a unique centerpiece. (via Idle Wife)

11. Paper Straws: It’s not a trendy party without a few packs of paper straws. Pick up some pastel options on your next trip to the craft store and add them to a mason jar to keep at the bar. They’re cute, simple and v. colorful. What more can you ask for? (via Wedding Chicks)

12. Onesie Place Settings: Onesies are about to be the #1 item on your bestie’s shopping list. Add them to each place setting and tell your guests to customize them so the mommy-to-be never has to buy them again. Oh, and they also add a fun pastel element to the tablescape, which is always a plus. (via PopSugar)

13. Layered Cake: How pretty is this layered cake? DIY it by splitting the batter into several different bowls and adding food coloring to get the desired color. Pop them in the oven and stack each cake on top of each other to get the layered effect. When it’s time for dessert, your guests will be *seriously* impressed. (via Eye Heart Pretty Things)

14. Decked Out Outdoor Space: Outdoor baby showers in the spring can be a little tricky, but the outcome is beautiful. Decorate with oversized balloons, banners and tassels. Then, kick it up a notch with a light pink tablecloth and bold flowers. Your friends will be asking if you can plan their shower too. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

15. Paper Hanging Ball Accents: This entire setup is adorable, but something that totally stands out is the paper balls hanging from the ceiling. You can pick them up at just about any craft store, and they’re a cheap and easy way to keep your space feeling trendy and festive. (via Creative Juice)

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