After a long winter, we can’t wait to whip out the DIY recipes that are perfect for the changing season. Natural beauty projects (like amazing homemade lip scrubs) are a fun way to step up our spring style game without spending a ton of cash. Most recipes require less than five items, many of which you already have in your pantry at home. Beyond saving dough, you can feel good about putting these concoctions on your skin and bod because you know exactly what is going into them. Here are nine of our fave seasonal beauty DIYs that’ll put a spring in your step.

1. DIY Lip Scrub: Who doesn’t love soft, smooth lips for spring? We sure do — especially considering it means finally rocking those bright liquid lipsticks that we’ve been holding off on all winter! Get kissable lips with this yummy, effective, and gentle scrub that you can make at home. (via Rouge Imaginaire)

2. Lash Growth Serum: There are tons of lash growth serums out there, but sometimes, the ingredients can be a bit intense. Try a more natural option by mixing up this homemade version made with vitamin E, castor oil, coconut oil, and emu oil that help condition hair. (via Womens Ok)

3. Exfoliating Body Scrub: Get ready, gals: It’s almost bathing suit season. Aside from getting your bikini bod ready at the gym, you can also focus your attention on achieving silky smooth skin that’s ready for warmer weather. Stick with a DIY scrub made with moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients like sugar and citrus juice to help you get the closest shave and smoothest legs ever. (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

4. DIY Whitening Toothpaste: After a cold winter full of hot, teeth-staining beverages, your teeth may need a pick-me-up. This DIY whitening toothpaste is a gentle and safe solution for a whiter smile, as it’s made with natural ingredients like bentonite clay, sea salt, coconut oil, and charcoal, which will lift those stains right off. (via A Return to Simplicity)

5. Homemade Face Mist: You could go to your local beauty retailer and spend $30 on a face mist — or you could be savvy and create your own customized version at home (we vote for the latter, duh). Combining hydrating, pore refining, and anti-bacterial ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil, and your favorite toner, this DIY face mist will have your skin glowing all spring. (via Brit + Co)

6. DIY Shaving Cream: After an entire winter dealing with dry legs, it’s finally time to work on getting your skin back in tip-top shape. By combining just three ingredients, you can achieve a closer, smooth shave with this peppermint-scented cream. (via Brown and Coconut)

7. Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray: Wanna score beachy waves without heading to the store for a texturizing spray? Save that cash and create your own version at home with just four ingredients that help moisturize and texturize your locks. (via Gimme Some Oven)

8. Healing Charcoal Face Mask: Even in the spring, your skin needs a good detox about once a week. Since charcoal can sometimes irritate — especially on freshly sunburned skin — this warm weather version will be more accommodating. The addition of aloe vera makes the mask calming yet still effective in soothing the skin and helping to rid of impurities. You’ll also love the tea tree oil because of its antiseptic properties. (via The What Now)

9. Home Remedy Natural Detox Bath: As the weather starts to change, so does the pH level of our skin. If you feel like you need to rebalance, reset, and refresh (and take a little time to relax after a long day of spring cleaning), running a bath with just Epsom salt can make all the difference because of the detoxifying effects. (via Young and Draw)

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