‘Tis the season to purge, tackle those cluttered closets, and deep clean *everything* in sight. Follow my Spring into Clean series with Brit + Co through March and April for tips, hacks, and tricks. Happy (spring) cleaning, all!

I’ll be the first one to admit that keeping a tidy home is hard work. Before launching Clean My Space, I dreaded those weekly chores more than I’d like to admit. If you feel crazy overwhelmed with keeping on top of daily housekeeping (let alone cleaning!), this video will help ease that. “How,” you ask? Well, it all starts with healthy habits. Once you change up your routine, maintaining a spotless and organized home will be easy peasy. Check out the healthy habits below and get ready to start your new life with a little less clutter and a lot more shine.

If you’re looking for more cleaning tips and tricks, tune in next week for a new video on my Spring into Clean series. And be sure to check out the Clean My Space Youtube and my recently published book, Clean My Space.

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