14 Spring Garlands to Spruce Up Your Space
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14 Spring Garlands to Spruce Up Your Space

Spring = we’re in the mood to celebrate! We’ve so over snowstorms, wind chill and sub-zero temps, it’s definitely time to brighten up our lives with a pop of color.

So are you looking for the perfect way to welcome spring? We’re all about the homemade garlands here at Brit + Co HQ. Whether you hang it over a door, drape it over a mantel, or showcase a pretty string during a backyard BBQ, spring garlands need to be in your life.

The best part about these colorful strings? Garlands are so easy to make yourself. We’ve rounded up 14 garland DIYs that will add a sweet touch to any space in your place. And guess what? You probably have most of these supplies at home!

Plus, did you know that we have an e-class that will walk you through making your own dip-dyed garland? It’s true! Our Let’s Par-DIY E-class is instructed by event planning guru Jesi Haack, who will teach you how to make five DIY decor pieces for your next event or party in just 25 minutes.

Once you’ve completed this super quick e-class, you’ll be ready to get the party started with dip-dyed napkins, table linens, cute party hats, stir sticks and a whimsical garland made from coffee filters.


Now, let’s spring to it! Here are 14 garland tutorials that will spruce up your space in no time.

1. Watercolor Garland DIY: Bring a bit of color back into life with this pretty watercolor garland. Mixing the paint colors will be half the fun. (via paper + pin)

2. Paper Dots Garland: Make a fun spring garland using crepe paper. All you need are scissors and some crepe paper folding skills. That’s it! (via Oh Happy Day!)

3. DIY Dixie Cup Garland: Umm, this dixie cup garland is so cute, right? Just make these pretty little lamp shades, place them over white LED string lights, and hang them up at your next spring BBQ. (via Hey Gorgeous)

4. Tissue Flower Garland: Nothing screams spring like pretty pastel flowers… which is why this tissue paper flower garland is a must-DIY for spring. (via Confetti Sunshine)

5. Cherry Garland: Put a cherry on top of your next BBQ (literally) with this fun garland made from pink or red balloons and green tape. (via willowday)

6. Egg Paint Chip Garland: Make a fun Easter-themed garland with the kiddos by cutting these little eggs out of paint chips. (via all*you)

7. Flower + Bee Paper Garland: Grab a roll of pretty wrapping paper, some scissors and tape and DIY this colorful garland. (via Highwalls)

8. Fabric Garland: How cute is this fabric garland? And it’s so easy to make! All you need is pretty pastel fabrics, lace ribbon, white rope and scissors. (via The Blush Chronicles)

9.  DIY Paper Bow Garland: This paper bow garland is so fun to make. Mix up solid color and patterned scrapbook papers for the best effect. (via honey & fitz)

10. Pom Pom Garland: Who doesn’t love pom poms? Spruce up your place with a pom pom garland. Just pick out a couple of spring-colored balls of yarn. (via Momtastic)

11. Sunny Spring Garland: Celebrate the beginning of spring with a tassel garland made with ribbon and colorful tissue paper. (via Stampin Up)

12. DIY Wedding Flower Garland: Add paper bird printouts to a string of florals to make this spring-worthy garland. (via once wed)

13. Happy Spring Garland: Assemble this cheerful garland by adding little trinkets and paper cutouts to a wire. (via Alison Kreft Designs)

14. Garland DIY: Give your next spring get-together a pretty accent with this floral garland. Bonus: It’s surprisingly simple to make. (via local social)

Don’t want to run out and get all the supplies? Then order our Let’s Par-DIY Decor Kit! It has everything you’ll need to make festive pieces for your next party.


Are you ready for spring? Share your spring-worthy DIY decor with us on Instagram. Make sure to use #britstagram so we can check them out!