Spring on the horizon means we’re in the mood to celebrate! We’ve so over snowstorms, wind chill, and sub-zero temps, and it’s definitely time to brighten up our lives with a pop of color. Looking for the perfect way to welcome spring? We’re all about the homemade garlands. Whether hung over a door, draped over a mantel, or showcased at a backyard BBQ, spring garlands need to make an appearance this season.


The best part about these colorful garlands is that they’re so easy to make yourself. We’ve rounded up 27 gorgeous garland DIYs that will add a sweet touch to any space. And guess what? You probably have most of these supplies at home!

Plus, did you know that we have an e-class that will walk you through making your own dip-dyed garland? It’s true! Our Let’s Par-DIY E-Class is led by event planning guru Jesi Haack, who will teach you how to make five DIY decor pieces for your next event or party in just 25 minutes.


Once you’ve completed this super quick e-class, you’ll be ready to get the party started with dip-dyed napkins, table linens, cute party hats, stir sticks, and a whimsical garland made from coffee filters.


Now, let’s spring to it! Here are 27 garland DIYs that will spruce up your space in no time.


1. Watercolor Garland DIY: Bring color back into your life with this pretty watercolor garland. Mixing the paint colors will be half the fun. (via Paper + Pin)


2. Paper Dots Garland: Make a fun spring garland using crepe paper. All you need are scissors and some folding skills. That’s it! (via Oh Happy Day!)


3. DIY Dixie Cup Garland: This dixie cup garland is so cute, right? Just make these pretty little lamp shades, place them over white LED string lights, and hang them up at your next backyard gathering. (via Hey Gorgeous)


4. Cherry Garland: Put a cherry on top of your next BBQ (literally) with this fun garland made from pink or red balloons and green tape. (via Willowday)


5. Egg Paint Chip Garland: Make a fun Easter-themed garland with the kiddos by cutting these little eggs out of paint chips. (via All*you)


6. Fabric Garland: This fabric garland is super cute and it’s so easy to make! All you need are pretty pastel fabrics, lace ribbon, white rope, and scissors. (via The Blush Chronicles)


7. DIY Paper Bow Garland: This paper bow garland couldn’t be prettier. Mix up solid color and patterned scrapbook papers for the best effect. (via Honey & Fitz)


8. Pom-Pom Garland: Who doesn’t love pom-poms? Spruce up your place with this strand made from springy-colored balls of yarn. (via Momtastic)


9. DIY Wedding Flower Garland: Add paper bird printouts to a string of florals to make this spring-worthy garland. (via Once Wed)


10. Happy Spring Garland: Assemble this cheerful garland by adding little trinkets and paper cutouts to a wire. (via Alison Kreft Designs)


11. Garland DIY: Give your next spring get-together a pretty accent with this floral garland. Bonus: It’s surprisingly simple to make. (via Local Social)

12. Painted Block Garland: Spring doesn’t have to mean just flowers and birds! Bring the joy of the season into your home using seasonal colors on wood beads. (via Handmade Charlotte)

13. Paper Flower Garland: Paper flowers can be made many ways, including using ribbon, crepe paper, and card stock. Get creative with your color pairings and add some brightness to your walls. (via Craftberry Bush / eHow)

14. DIY Confetti Garlands: Who knew confetti was so versatile?! Once you see how this stunner is made you’ll be running to the craft store for everything you need. (via The Confetti Bar)

15. DIY Gold Leather Clover Garland: St.Patrick’s Day is coming up, so you can include festive creations in your decor. Gold leather? Heck yeah. (via Flax & Twine)

16. Found Item Garland: When you do your spring cleaning, make sure you keep all the fun finds that don’t have a home anymore. You can create a unique garland using pieces you didn’t even know you had. (via Snowdrop and Company)

17. DIY Easter Carrot Garland: Peter Rabbit himself would approve of this kid-friendly craft that doubles as Easter decor. (via Tell Love and Party)

18. DIY Balloon and Flower Garland: Celebrate the clock springing forward with balloons and fresh flowers. It will make losing that hour of sleep a little more bearable. (via Little Inspiration)

19. DIY Crepe Flowers Garland: Crepe flowers are an art form, and one that you can easily learn with this tutorial. You’ll be making stunning blooms and all kinds of garlands like these in no time . (via The House That Lars Built)

20. DIY Wood Bead Garland: The simple beauty of bare wood lets the cool geometric shapes of this strand shine. (via Dream Green DIY)

21. Paper Box Gift Garland: This sweet gift-themed garland is perfect for Mother’s Day, but it’s also adorable any time. (via Proper)

22. DIY Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Garland: Spotting a rainbow is good luck, so give yourself plenty with this colorful display in your home. (via Julep)

23. DIY Flower Garland: With their amazing smell and vibrant colors, real blooms are always worth the cost. Save this beauty for a special day. (via Tikkido)

24. DIY Crochet Spring Garland: There’s a time and a place for everything, and crochet daisies with big bows clearly belong to spring! (via Little Things Blogged)

25. DIY Felt Ball Garland: Get crafty with this beads, pom-pom, and wood garland that looks so pretty, you could probably get away with using it year-round. (via Hello Wonderful)

26. DIY Paper Pom-Pom Garland: Whether they’re wool, synthetic, or paper, pom-poms make everything better, and you can make them any size you want once you master the paper technique. (via Paper & Pin)

27. Party Napkin Garland: Dig deep into your credenza and cupboards to grab all those mismatched paper napkins and make them shine once again. Genius. (via Jacks and Kate)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)