‘Tis the season to purge, tackle those cluttered closets, and deep clean *everything* in sight. Follow my Spring into Clean series with Brit + Co through March and April for tips, hacks, and tricks. Happy (spring) cleaning, all!

Our bedrooms are designed to be places of peace, solitude, rest, and relaxation. But when they’re cluttered up with stuff, it is absolutely impossible to feel any of those feels. To turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary, you’re going to need to purge, purge, purge. Once you declutter certain areas — I’m looking at you, pile-holding chair! — you’ll have a space you won’t ever want to leave. Sounds amazing, right? Here are six things you can toss right now for a cleaner, more relaxing bedroom.

1. Books, Magazines, and Newspapers: Yes, reading in bed is fun. However, rolling over to a stack of magazines, crumpled-up newspapers, or a pile of books is no way to wake up (especially on a Monday). Remove anything that’s outdated or that you’re not going to read (and try to be honest with yourself). I once kept a book desk-side that detailed very technical financial models and advice. I told myself that by keeping it by my bed, I’d one night get the urge to read it and all of my financial woes would be gone. Eventually, I got rid of the book and I’m doing just fine, thanks. Mind you, it did help put me to sleep…

2. Clothing You Don’t Wear: I recently did a post on how to declutter your closet. If your room is full of clothing you don’t need, you can’t make room for the things you do. Plus, it wastes your time when trying to put an outfit together. Who wants to sift through tons of meh pieces anyway? Trust me on this: It might be a hard pill to swallow, but bidding farewell to stuff that you don’t wear makes all the difference in a bedroom.

3. Old Pillows and Blankets: Bedding isn’t cheese — we don’t appreciate it more as it ages. Not only do these items feel old, but they are usually stained, filled with dust mites, stinky (thanks to body oils, sweat, and dust), and uncomfortable. Treat yourself to new bedding if your current set is looking (and smelling) worn.

4. Anything Work or Business-Related: Receipts, reports, projects, and presentations have no place in the bedroom. Move your work items to any other location in your home. Honestly, there’s no way to relax when you are sleeping right beside your taxes or big presentation.

5. Old Accessories: How many times have you passed over that glitzy necklace, giant-brimmed hat, or bold sunglasses that you keep telling yourself you’ll wear one day? Probably a lot. That’s your cue to say goodbye to these items. Bundle them up and give them to a young lady who may enjoy them for dress-up purposes, or drop them off at a donation center and allow someone else to get true enjoyment from them.

6. That Clutter-Holding Chair: The clutter chair is so infamous that it should be on the FBI’s most wanted list. Getting rid of it means that means you’ll no longer have a place to throw your unorganized pile of half-clean clothing. Instead, invest in a stylish ladder where you can neatly hang half-worn clothing or lay out outfits for the day ahead. If you are a chair addict, take the chair (or rack, or table) out of your room and tell that habit to take a hike.

By spending 30 minutes and working your way through decluttering these items, your room will feel cleaner, more organized, less cluttered, and most importantly, peaceful.

If you’re looking for more cleaning tips and tricks, tune in next week for a new video on my Spring into Clean series. And be sure to check out the Clean My Space Youtube and my recently published book, Clean My Space.

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