With St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, it’s time to finalize how you’re going to incorporate that special green color into your wardrobe. It’s that or get pinched! You know the rules. To help you out, we’ve got some seriously awesome printables (download here!) that you can iron onto clothing. We combined our love for puns and our love for music to make these St. Pat-themed lyrical graphics.



– t-shirts

– Brit + Co. printable (download here!)

– Iron-on transfer paper


– scissors



  1. Print your Brit + Co printables onto iron-on transfer paper, taking note that the graphic is backwards on purpose.
  2. Cut out the graphics.
  3. Place them on your t-shirts with the graphics facing the shirt.
  4. Iron the graphic to the shirt and peel back the paper once it has stuck in place.
  5. Wear and get about a million compliments!

First you’ll need to print out your Brit + Co printable on iron-on transfer paper. Confused by the mirrored graphic? Trust us, you don’t want your words written backward on your shirt, so this is is the way to avoid doing so. Once you have your prints, cut them out.


They don’t have to be perfect, just cut around the graphics.


Place your print on the shirt and then iron it in place. Be sure to follow the instructions on your iron-on transfer packaging as the directions can vary. Peel your paper back and check out your new favorite shirt!


If you’re hanging with Snoop Lion that first shirt is for you. Wishing you were a baller? Or that you had a girl who looked good so you could call her? We think Skee-Lo would approve of this shirt. If not, we’ll have to get over it with the Eagles.


We all had to do a little Irish dancing in our shoots, of course. Can’t say that we are going to get picked up by any Irish dance troops, but we had fun.


In addition to our new shirts, we’ve also got some adorably labeled beers for the holiday. Cheers!

What do you like to wear for St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments!