Beer lovers, rejoice. It is almost time for a day solely dedicated to booze and one of my favorite colors — kelly green. Impress all of your Irish (or wannabe Irish ) friends this March 17 with St. Patrick’s Day–inspired beer labels and a reusable 6-pack carrier case.



– green paper

– pens

– wooden board

wood side cut out

– leather

– dowel

– Scotch double-sided tape


– cutting mat

– box cutter

– ruler

– hammer


1. Cut a stripe of paper that measures 3 x 8 inches. Mark off an imaginary 2 x 3 box and create a fun saying inside.

2. Adhere the label to the beer using Scotch double-sided tape.

3. Using a laser cutter, download the pattern and cut it out of wood or acrylic. Nail the sides to the wood base.

4. Cut two strips of leather to the size that suits your carrier. Nail the leather in place.


Cut a rectangle out of green paper to create your label. All beer bottles are different, but the width should be around 3 – 3.5 inches.


Remember when we made wine bottle labels? You’re going to use the same technique here. Mark off an imaginary two-inch rectangle and create your image between those lines. This way you’ll be able to read your funny saying without the bottles curve getting in the way.


Create fun sayings!


Wrap your new label onto your beer bottle. Feeling really ambitious? Brew and bottle your own beer with this kit!


Or, if you’re feeling lazy, rock your new labels on preexisting beer.


Ditch the cardboard and create a reusable 6 pack carrier. Using a laser cutter, download the attached file and adjust the size to fit your found bottom. Ours was 5 x 8 inches. Print out the sides to your case and nail them onto your base.


If you don’t have access to a laser cutter, try hitting up Home Depot to see if they have anything that resembles these sides, or the shape of a bird house.


Measure and cut leather strips for the sides of your carrier.


Nail into place.


Use a gold paint pen to add a unique spin to your beer carrier. Want to step it up a notch? You could even attach a bottle opener to the side.


Fill it with beer. This carrier is great for cans or shorter bottled beer.


The most amazing thing about a laser cutter is how easy it is to edit a file and print it out in a semi-different shape. This carrier is taller so it fits any type of bottle.


And of course we had to make one out of our favorite material, acrylic. A beer carrier gilded with gold leather and a gold handle = the best.


One for you, two for me =)


Impress all of your friends this double DIY.


Is this the holiday you wait all year for? Tell us your go-to DIY for an epic St. Patty’s day in the comments below!