We know, we know. The first thing you think of when you see “stained glass” is probably a church, and you’re probably wondering what this might have to do with your home. Well, the art of playing with light is definitely one that historic structures the world over have mastered, but you can also bring this design idea into your home in subtle and interesting ways. Whether you’re scouring flea markets for an old window or redesigning your front door, we’ve gathered up 10 stained glass ideas we think you’ll love.

1. Pantone Swatch Door: We’ll kick it off with the clear winner of this stylish stained glass contest. You knew it was a contest, didn’t you? This door was created by turning Pantone swatches into translucent slides. Very cool. (via Armin Blasbichler Studio)

2. Stained Glass Orb Suncatcher ($42): For a less permanent, more decorative item, we love this entire Etsy shop. Lots of beautiful glass geodes, going for the clear stained glass look.

3. Spindrift Boston Home: This gorgeous home in Boston features stained glass details without. The kicker? The designs involve circular abstract shapes rather than representational ones. (via Houzz)

4. Faux Stained Glass: This fake stained glass move is great if you want a more temporary idea. We love the idea of creating a pixelated design inspired by this method. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Window Panel Wall Art: If you’re good at sleuthing, you can probably find a stained glass window or two at the next flea market you hit up. Hang or prop one up in your workspace for some old school craft next to your new school tools. (via Design*Sponge)

6. Gorgeous Front Door: Sometimes, old houses do NOT need to be updated. This unbelievable door is timeless, and with the right minimalist aesthetic in the rest of the entryway, it remains quite beautiful. (via Planete Deco)

7. Matisse-Inspired Window: This beautiful bathroom window looks straight out of Matisse’s portfolio. We love the cool blue and white throughout the entire scene. (via Architectural Digest)

8. Kitchen Window: Everything about this is dreamy. The jars of utensils, pile of plates, and beautifully aged stained glass rectangles in the window frame. (via Hemma)

9. Stained Glass Shower: There’s something otherworldly about this scene. Sort of feels like you might be showering somewhere you shouldn’t? (via Houzz)

10. Converted Church Home: Finally, how modern and cool is this converted church? (via Oko Design)

And how about one more shot of the Pantone Swatch Door as reflected on the stairs in the entryway? Love it!

Have you seen any beautiful examples of stained glass in the home? Tell us in the comments below.