We鈥檝e all been there: you鈥檝e got a work deadline looming and yet you鈥檙e getting pings, pop-up notifications and banners left and right from co-workers, your BFF, your S.O. and maybe from your email and frankly, you鈥檙e feeling a bit frazzled. But you鈥檙e in lock: There鈥檚 a Chrome extension that can kill聽your Facebook News Feed and, thankfully, if you鈥檙e on a Mac, Apple has built in a nifty 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 tool right into your OS for you to mute the notification noise temporarily as well (much like the iOS 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 tool that stops phubbing and saves relationships). So without further ado, here鈥檚 the easiest tech how-to ever that will make your productivity shoot straight through the roof.


First, in the upper right hand corner of your desktop, you鈥檒l see the 鈥淣otification鈥 icon. Click on that.


That will bring out your 鈥淣otifications Center鈥. Scroll up to the top or either 鈥淭oday鈥 or 鈥淣otifications鈥 and you鈥檒l see the 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 toggle.


Simply toggle it on to stop all pop-ups from disturbing your workflow. You can turn it back off once you鈥檙e done with your project. But the best part is, in case you forget, your Mac will automatically turn off 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 the next day, so you don鈥檛 miss anything important.


In case you want to adjust your settings for 鈥淒o Not Disturb,鈥 simply go to System Preference > Notifications > Do Not Disturb and fiddle around with the times you want the feature to come on. And in case you Mac is linked to your phone, you can also adjust who you who you want to allow calls from + how you want them to reach you when you have the feature turned on.

So go forth and get work done.

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