We can smell summer in the air, and that means it’s almost time to revive our favorite summer camp traditions in modern fashionista form. For today’s super simple style hack, we return to the friendship bracelet! This time we’re swapping out embroidery floss for tulle (it’s not just for tutus and wedding veils, we promise!) and adding a little bit of edge by way of studs. Because who doesn’t enjoy a stud? (Right, Ryan Gosling?)

 – tulle (you need less than 1/4 yard per bracelet)

– assorted studs

 – scissors

– needle nose pliers

First up, we picked out a bunch of shades of tulle that fit our color-obsessed vibe. Don’t be surprised if the people at your local fabric store assume you’re making a multi-colored tutu :)

Cut 5 colors of tulle lengthwise into 1 to 2-inch strips. This first bracelet is a little more on the complicated side but, if you’ve ever made a friendship bracelet, we think you’ll get back into the groove real quick.

Fold the tulle in half and tie a knot at the top so you have 10 strands to work with. We clipped ours into a clipboard but you can also tape down to a work surface.

Start on the left side with your first color. Tie a knot around each strand in a row. We like to think of making the shape of a 4, then pulling the strand through the loop and pulling the knot all the way to the top of the bracelet. Once you’ve finished one row, continue with the next color and so on.

After a few rows, your bracelet should look like this.

Continue until you’ve got 3 or 4 inches remaining on the end of your bracelet. Braid the end into two little braids – you’ll later use these to tie around the loop to create a clasp.

Now it’s time for studs! Simply press studs through the bracelet and use needle nose pliers to secure on the back.

For our next batch of bracelets, we went back to a super simple braid.

Cut 3 lengths of tulle into 1 to 2-inch stripes. Braid! Then fold your braid in half and stud it up to make your bracelet double in width.

So cute!

We did a few more braided bracelets to go along with our more serious statement piece, and that’s it!

What jewelry DIY projects are you on your to-make list? Tell us in the comments below!