The Halloween theme for this week? Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. As we kick things off, we turn our attention to the sweetest skulls around: Sugar Skulls! Here are 10 sweet sugar skull ideas to add to your dessert list for the day after Halloween.

1. Day of the Dead Cookies: These beautifully decorated cookies are more like works of art, inspiring us to really up our icing game. (via Sweet Sugar Belle)

2. Skull Chocolate Suckers: Guess what? These are no-bake! All you need is a microwave and some skull molds to make your own skull suckers. The design details were made with an edible food marker. (via Cakegirls)

3. Gluten-Free Sugar Skull Owls: Owl skulls! How cute are these? And bonus: they’re gluten-free. (via Jesi Cakes)

4. Royal Icing Skull Cookies: Another win for icing decor. You can buy a whole batch of these on Etsy if you’re not up for such epic cookie decorating. (via Sweet Tweets on Etsy)

5. Chocolate Cupcakes with Fondant Skulls: With a set of food markers, you can totally create your own take on these fondant skulls. (via Cupcaketeer)

6. Painted Sugar Skull Cake: Though we’ve seen some pretty epic skull cakes, we like the toned down approach of this one, with fondant roses for dimension. (via Cake Central)

7. Black and White Sugar Cookies: Go for a more minimal approach with a graphic black and white design. (via Totally Baked)

8. Edible Paper Wafers: How crazy is this edible paper? Stock up on your own over on Etsy. (via Sugar Robot on Etsy)

9. 3D Cookies: Now, if only we could 3D print these beauties… (via Lily’s Cookies)

10. Hot Chocolate Cupcakes: And finally, another batch of cupcakes with beautifully sculpted fondant skulls. Love the dark chocolate interior of the skulls. (via The Sugartarian)

Will you celebrate Dias de los Muertos? Ever made a sugar skull cookie? Talk to us in the comments below.