If you own a blender, chances are you’ve made a smoothie at some point in your life. You know the basics — fruit, milk (or yogurt perhaps), and you might even toss in a few greens if you’re feeling extra virtuous. For those looking to liven up the routine, there are a few unusual ingredients we think you should know about. Scroll on through for these nine healthy and satisfying superfoods additions.

1. Avocado: Ahh, the good old avocado. Is there nothing it can’t do in the kitchen? Start with a half to a whole avo for a seriously velvet smoothie base that’s low in sugar and rich in good fats. We’ll happily kick off our day with this Banana Mango Avocado Green Smoothie, please and thanks! (Recipe + Image via Emilie Eats)

2. Nut Butter: Also in the healthy fat category, nut butters add an extra dimension of flavor and boost the creaminess in your drink. Almond butter is a standby — try it in this Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie. (Recipe + Image via Minimalist Baker)

3. Oats: If your usual smoothie leaves you feeling hungry after 15 minutes, consider tossing in some oats. The added fiber will keep you satisfied longer. This Strawberry Peanut Butter Oatshake looks pretty tasty too. (Recipe + Image via Oh, Ladycakes)

4. Maca: This latest superfood comes to us from the mountains of Peru and is said to enhance energy, among a long list of other benefits. We’ll try anything to beat that Monday morning grind, right? You can purchase maca in its powder form at most health food stores or Whole Foods. This Almond, Maca, and Cinnamon Smoothie looks like a pretty delicious reason to give it a try. (Recipe + Image via Wallflower Kitchen)

5. Cacao: As if we need another reason to love chocolate, raw cacao powder is loaded with antioxidants. This naturally sweet Cacao Date Smoothie might even conquer those afternoon sweet tooth cravings. (Recipe + Image via E.A. Stewart)

6. Spirulina: What’s that you say? Spirulina is an algae rich in antioxidants, protein, iron, vitamins, and other nutrients. It’s sold in powder form and, if you need one more reason to give it a go, it also happens to be a pretty glorious color. If you’re worried about taste, try it in this Black and Blue Power Smoothie. It has lots of other yummy goodies like berries and banana, so you won’t notice any unusual flavor. (Recipe + Image via The Kitchn)

7. Chia: For protein and omega-3’s, look no further than the chia. Toss a teaspoon or two into your smoothie as you’re blending or use it to garnish a smoothie bowl like this Raspberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl. (Recipe + Image via The Foodie Physician)

8. Coconut Butter: Coconut butter, where have you been all our lives?! This incredibly tasty spread is made from the raw meat of the coconut. It has similar health benefits as coconut oil, with the added perk of some fiber. Its texture makes it a perfectly creamy candidate for smoothie mix-ins. We’re loving this Berry Beet Velvet Smoothie for its long list of superfood ingredients and gorgeous color. (Recipe + Image via The First Mess)

9. Dates: Chock-full of vitamins and minerals, dates are definitely our go-to for adding sweetness to drinks. This Almond Butter and Spinach Shake is a great alternative when you need something a little sweet. (Recipe + Image via Detoxinista)

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