For those of us obsessed with upping our nutrient game to get the high quantities of fruits and veggies recommended daily, a blender is a must have. However, all blenders are not created equally. If you’ve ever tried to blend a carrot in a normal blender, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re obsessed with Vitamix, a kitchen tool that goes beyond blending to turn any fruit or veggie into a liquid masterpiece — also see: more affordable competitors like Blendtec and the Ninja Ultima Pro. A powerful blender is an investment that’ll make a huge impact in your kitchen, and more importantly, your health. We’re sharing 11 reasons why you might fall in love with this magical machine.


1. Make Creamy Soups or Broths: Craving a creamy broccoli soup, but not in the mood to simmer all day? Simply add all your veggies to your high power blender, and the friction will actually heat up the contents by the time the blending process is complete. If you don’t want to go fully creamy with your soup, blend the veggies until fine and then add them to a pot with broth to help decrease cooking time. (Photo via Vitamix)

2. Your Chopping Days Are Over: Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial, but aren’t you sick of chopping a million veggies to make dinner? Let the Vitamix do the work for you. Throw everything in that you want to chop, and boom! You’ve got chopped veggies ready to sauté. (Photo via Tommy Nichols, Raw Blend)


3. Eat a Day’s Worth of Fruits + Veggies: It’s really hard to pack in all the vital nutrients that your body needs by just eating whole foods. You’d be chewing all day long! Solution? Blend them up, baby! You’ll get all the amazing vitamins and minerals, plus keep the fiber that juicing leaves out. (Photo via SkinnyMs.)


4. Fall in Love With Super Foods: Mushroom powders, maca, cocoa, gogi berries and blue green algae, oh my! Incorporating these super foods into your diet just got easier — just add a few teaspoons to a smoothie to seriously up the flavor and substance. (Photo via


5. Embrace New Recipes: A serious blender will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen with new sauce recipes, spices and dressings. Make your own marinade for next weekend’s barbecue or create a whole new concoction. We’re impressed by this Vitamix cheesecake recipe. (Photo via The Blenderist)


6. Easily Whip Up Party Snacks: Have you ever wanted to blow your guests away with a homemade marinade, dessert, salsa or dressing? This is your chance to shine in the kitchen. (Photo via Knead to Cook)


7. Trick Friends With Healthy Swaps: Bringing a treat to work to celebrate a coworker’s birthday? The avocado in here can be our little secret. (Photo via SavorHomeBlog)

Kimberly Snyder, Raw Taco Gorilla Wraps

8. Make Fancy Lunches: Going out for lunch is easy, but the calories and cost can really add up. Owning a serious blender can help you make salads, dressings and tasty wrap ingredients easily, so you’ll have them ready to eat all week long. (Photo via Kimberly Snyder)


9. Take Yourself on a Vacation Any Time: Get ready to explore some amazing cocktail creations with your blender. Want the best margarita of all time? Drop whole fruit, like pineapple, coconut, kiwi, grapefruit or oranges, with a little ice, lime and tequila, and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical beach. (Photo via Vitamix)


10. Hide Bitter, Healthy Greens: If you can’t stand the taste or texture of greens, slip them into your smoothie to mask the bitter flavors and make even the pickiest of eaters swoon. (Photo via Taste of Divine)


11. Save Money: Blending allows you to keep the fiber in foods intact, lessens cleaning time and allows you to save a ton of money because you need about half the produce to blend when compared to juicing. If you find yourself constantly buying green juice, try a Vitamix — the adjustments on it will allow you to get to a super smooth texture that’s almost identical to juice. (Photo via RachelCooks)

Do you own a Vitamix? Tell us what you love about it in the comments below!