Today is a big day for same-sex couples and marriage equality advocates across the country as the Supreme Court of the United States began hearing oral arguments about whether or not four states’ gay marriage bans are constitutional. While a decision on the arguments won’t be announced until June, an organization run by Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita, wants to send the Supreme Court a big DIY message to show them what’s at stake in the ruling. Starting today, they’re asking same-sex couples to send their save the dates to some very special “guests” who could make or break their Big Day — SCOTUS.

Tie the Knot — the marriage equality nonprofit organization founded by the couple — is behind Supreme Save the Date. The campaign is encouraging same-sex couples to send SCOTUS justices a save the date for their wedding to showcase how important and impactful their ruling will be. Once the online card builder launches, (between now and early May — sign up here!), all the soon-to-weds have to do is enter their designated wedding details (hypothetical or real) and Tie the Knot will turn that info into a physical card and hand-deliver stacks of pre-wedding invites before they make that decision. Between this and Ireland’s pro-marriage equality confetti, people are getting super creative when it comes to human rights campaigns in 2015.

Tie the Knot spokesperson Kevin Rutkowski told BuzzFeed News the campaign is a “…fun way of reminding the Supreme Court just how important their decision is.” Echoing that statement, we think the most clever aspect of the Supreme Save the Date is the option to address them to a specific Justice. We’re thinking flooding Justice Antonin Scalia with the cards could be a wise choice ;) But, if Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is your gal, make sure to have frozen lime souffle ready at her table. As the campaign’s video showcases, it’s her favorite dessert. Here’s hoping come June, the justices will be checking yes to a lot of weddings nationwide.

Will you be sending a save the date to the Supreme Court? Let us know in the comments and share your wedding date with us on Twitter, @britandco.

(Photos via @tietheknotorg, Andrew H. Walker/Getty, Tie the Knot Facebook + @tietheknotorg)