We don’t know about you guys, but we are constantly daydreaming about livin’ it up on the beach somewhere, margarita in one hand, watermelon in the other, salt in our hair and ocean music in our ears. Could it be we’ve watched Point Break one too many times? Perhaps. Or maybe we’ve just been inspired by these radtacular ladies of surf who know how to shred some waves and live life to the fullest. Here’s a sneak peek into the lives of some of the leading ladies of the ocean. Lucky for us, we can follow them all on Instagram and learn the art of how to fully chillax from there!

1. Erica Hosseini: Erica is a total gal’s gal. Yeah she’s usually off in exotic lands catching some waves or on a Baby-G shoot modeling her little heart out. But when she’s not, she’s making videos with her Frenchie (possibly the cutest little bulldog on the planet) and teaching her fans about the intricacies of Monopoly and the word “latte.”

2. Pauline Ado: If you want to go where the action is, Pauline is your girl. This French beauty can often be found surfing off the coast of Portugal or jumping out of planes. Never a dull moment, this chick is constantly living on the edge and making it look easy.

3. Sage Erickson: Being one of the O’Neill girls isn’t the only thing that makes this surfer girl awesome. She reads. She writes. She even designs her own boards. Oh, and did I mention she likes to befriend little French ladies on benches? Sweet.

4. Alana Blanchard: One of the busiest ladies of the sea, Alana has been deemed “the queen of all beach goddesses.” As if surfing is not radical enough, she models on endless editorial shoots, spends time with her adorable bulldog and pommie puppies and finds time to be a philanthropist.

5. Tatiana Weston Webb: Grand scenery and even grander margaritas! Tatiana admits to being madly in love with life, and it shows! We guarantee you will scroll through photo after photo of the most beautiful ocean shots you can imagine.

6. Sofia Mulanovich: This gal has a heart of gold. She’s set up her own association, giving kids incentives to follow their dreams via arts and sports. When she’s not being amazing, she’s off traveling to the likes of Costa Rica and Portugal. Swoon.

7. Courtney Conlogue: Anyone who is a fan of Chuck Norris is a-okay by us. And she’s an artist who appreciates a good Cinco de Mayo disguise and a deliciously dangerous hot sauce. Yeah, we’re fans.

8. Lakey Peterson: A lover of all things non-profit, this West Coast pro surfer-ess has her hands in many projects including Zero To 100, a film following her career triumphs and challenges. If that’s not enough to peak your curiosity, you should know that her Instagram feed features some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.

9. Kassia Meador: Surfer, filmmaker and photographer extraordinaire, Kassie is on the go non-stop. When she’s not doing what she loves, she’s learning to do even more things she loves. And if you’re into Lionel Richie and trippy videos of blurred street lights, you’ll be a fan.

10. Paige Hareb: A surfer chick’s version of the girl next door, Paige has no shame in showing her love for taco time, Slurpees and rainbow cakes. Her photos are beautifully genuine and will instantly make you feel like you are just kickin’ it with her and her homies.

Which of these radical ladies inspires you to live life to the fullest?!? Share your thoughts below!