The end of Memorial Weekend means summer just got kicked into high gear. We’re amped to spend as much time in the sun as possible, and our favorite way is to spend a day at the beach. So, without further ado, here are 15 must-have accessories for a great day of food and fun in the sun.

1. Picnic Wine Holders ($40): Condensation from cold drinks makes them super sand magnets. Enjoy your day by keeping the sand at bay with these nifty wine holders. Stick them in the ground to keep your drink above sea level and protected from spills.

2. STACKED Wines ($15): If packing wine glasses is too difficult but you don’t feel like drinking your vino from a Solo cup, STACKED Wines has you covered. It’s your wine and glass in one shatterproof and lightweight stack. It’s the same 750ml available in bottle format but neatly divided into 4 shareable cups. Also perfect for hikes, camping, sneaking into movie theaters… you know.

3. Salad Bowl and Server Set ($12): This bowl makes it easy to store and serve your summer salads. The bottom of the bowl is a removable ice-pack, and the serving utensils fit neatly into the lid.

4. Cheese Board ($27): Not only is cheese one of our favorite food groups, it’s also the perfect picnic item. This bamboo set makes serving a cinch with hidden tools inside the board.

5. Dip Clip ($12): Perfect for entertaining, fill with your favorite dip, such as salsa or guacamole, and attach to the side of your bowl for mess free dipping. The space saving design lets your dip hover above your chips.

6. Mini Condiment Set ($2): No need to make space in your bag for large bottles of sandwich and burger essentials. Keep your condiments compact with these mini bottles.

7. Compostable Bamboo Tableware ($21): Don’t pack the standard and not-so-environmentally friendly styrofoam plates. Pretty up your picnic with eco-friendly and chic compostable bamboo tableware.

8. Cruisin Coolers ($349 – $1,399): If you’re not lucky enough to be staying beachside, don’t worry about having to lug that heavy cooler to the beach. Cruisin’ Coolers will have you and your cooler there in no time. At top speeds of up to 13 mph with range of up to 15 miles, you can leave your car at home. Even Ellen has a Cruisin Cooler.

9. Cooler Speaker Tote ($99): A little easier on your wallet than the Cruisin Cooler, the Cooler Speaker Tote combines your need for tunes with the need to keep food and beverages frosty. Just fill with blue ice to keep the inside cold and attach your iPhone or iPod to the speaker system for all day fun.

10. Rock It ($35): We love the idea of this lightweight and handy little gadget that turns almost anything into a speaker, from Solo cups to surf boards. Stick the tiny speaker onto an object, and it immediately amplifies the sound into a makeshift jambox.

11. iSundicator ($0.99): Worried about catching too many rays? Using your skin type, sunscreen SPF, and location, the iSundicator will calculate the amount of time you can safely stay in the sun. Use the countdown timer and stop, pause, or restart as necessary.

12. 30 Second Set Up Beach Cabana ($70): When the iSundicator tells you time is up, don’t think your day is over. In 30 seconds you can be protected from the sun’s UV rays with this compact and easy to set up cabana. Large enough for 4 adults, you can easily fit all of your friends in there as well.

13. Beach Ergo Lounger ($150): Finally, a way to enjoy laying on your stomach at the beach. The Lounger protects your neck from strain, keeps your face from burning on one side, and lets you read at the same time.

14. Solar-Powered Kindle Cover ($79): While we love our iPads, they’re not the easiest things to read in the sun. So when we’re headed outside, we reach for our Kindles. Now you never have to worry about your Kindle running out of juice again. This smart device is the perfect way to keep your reader protected at the beach and charged by the power of the sun.

15. Twister Beach Towel ($39): Last but not least, definitely don’t forget your towel. We’ve already discovered the best techie towel with built-in speakers. Now it’s time to kick it old school with the Twister Beach Towel. This towel does double duty, keeping sand away and providing a source of entertainment for you and your friends.

What are your favorite beach gadgets, accessories, and doodads? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter.