Earlier this week we showed you how to ramp up your stockpile of chambray shirts. Well now it’s time to get into it with a trio of button downs!

 – 3 button down shirts (we hit up Old Navy for ours!)

– studs

– beads

– acrylic paint

– 1 sheet of wood veneer

printable template for wooden shapes

 – E-6000 Craft Glue

– needle nose pliers

– paint brush

These methods would also work well for white or blue button down shirts, but we couldn’t resist a spring mix of hot pink, pastel yellow, and light green.

We did three different methods, one using studs, one using beads, and one using painted wood veneer.

1. Tell Me About It, Stud: Studs are one of our best friends when it comes to jazzing up basic garments.

Get a whole bunch of studs and stud the entire button panel of your shirt. This is the part that goes down the middle of the shirt. Be sure to unbutton the shirt before you stud or your shirt won’t unbutton! ;)

To take this to the next level, you could also try getting buttons that look like studs to replace the ones that come with your shirt.

We have to admit, this one might be our favorite of the bunch.

2. Just Bead It: Next up, beads! We employed the same glue method for beading that we used in our sparkling accessories post last week.

Brush your craft glue onto the pocket of your shirt. Pour beads on and press into the glue. Continue for the whole pocket!

We’re loving all of these colors.

This could also be a really fun way to spice up a denim jacket.

3. Wood You Like to Dance?: Last up, we’ll show you how to add wood paneling to a button down. We’re definitely calling on old western style in this one.

First, print out our template. Cut out shapes and trace onto wood veneer (or wood paper). Cut using scissors or an exact knife. Lay out a design and plan your colors.

Now, paint the pieces of wood with acrylic paint. For a more natural look, you could try different colors of wood stain.

Glue onto your shirt with craft glue and let dry overnight.

Voila! This one is definitely on the more delicate side – we recommend hand wash or dry clean only. Which of these shirts is your favorite?

What other ways do you trick out old, basic, or plain essentials? Tell us in the comments below.