Tailgating season is upon us! Time to grill out, have a beer, and cheer on our favorite teams. We think this is the year to finally take your tailgating to the next level. Check out these 12 gadgets—a mix of high-tech and analog— that will crown you the winner of the tailgate.

Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher

1. Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher ($13): Keep your tailgating area cleaned up with this handy gadget. It catches your caps as you open your brew.


2. iGrill ($80): Make sure you get those burgers grilled to perfection with this Bluetooth enabled grill thermometer. You’ll be able to focus on the pre-game instead of tending the coals.

Snack Helmet

3. Snack Helmet ($57): Yet another way to show your team spirit, this snack server is just made for potato chips and onion dip.

Foldable Swivel Chair

4. Foldable Swivel Chair ($70): Turn easily between the grill, the cooler, and your conversation without getting up from this swiveling camping chair.

5. Beer Pager ($20): You’ll never lose track of your drink again with this cozy Simply press the remote, and watch your cozy light up.

EZ Grill

6. Party Size Disposable Grill ($10): If you don’t have a grill of your own, opt for this disposable version. It’s actually 100 percent recyclable. So it’s eco-friendly and a time-saver.

Hitch n View

7. Hitch-n-View ($80): If you’ll be watching the game from the parking lot, you’ll need this mount for your flat screen that attaches directly to your trailer hitch. Genius!

Electric Car Blanket

8. Electric Car Blanket ($25): When the weather starts to get chilly, you’ll be glad you bought this blanket that plugs into your 12 volt plug in your car. We imagine it will come in handy on winter road trips, too!

9. Eton Soulra XL ($250): Make sure you can hear your tunes while you’re grilling with this solar speaker. It fits either your iPod or iPhone and will play for eight hours.

Magnetic Beverage Holders

10. Magnetic Beverage Coolers ($10 each): Put the sides of your car to good use when you’re tailgating by using them to hold your drinks.

Plastic Cocktail Shaker

11. Plastic Cocktail Shaker ($10): If you’re a tailgater who likes to celebrate on the rocks, pack this plastic cocktail shaker. No more worries about glass restrictions.


12. Dish Network Tailgater ($499): If you’re really serious about tailgating this is where to spend your money. The portable receiver from Dish Network makes sure you can watch the game from anywhere.

What’s your tailgating must-have? Tell us in the comments!