Instagram is a great place for beauty inspiration, letting you easily keep up with festival beauty trends and follow your fave celebrity makeup artists. You’ll find lots of makeup looks from the everyday to editorial on IG, along with product recommendations and short, to-the-point tutorials. And while Christina Parga and NaYeon Kim are definite must-follows, there’s also a troop of boys who are flexing their makeup artistry skills on IG. So, let’s hear it for these seven standup boys who are challenging gender roles with each pro swatch, highlight and editorial look!

1. @timothyhungcom: Timothy Hung is a multi-talented visual genius. Since he’s a makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe stylist and art director, his Insta account is an eye-pleasing masterpiece, but the makeup looks he does on himself are the stuff of museums.

2. @vicmram: Victor Ramos is a beauty, health and lifestyle blogger with enviable brows, skin and cheekbones. On his Instagram feed, you’ll see the best no-makeup makeup looks. This boy can highlight, contour and fill brows with the best of them.

3. @thomashalbert: Makeup artist Thomas Halpert serves up striking looks without going over-the-top (most of the time). His skin is flawless and he has SO much skill with an eyeshadow brush. Over on his Instagram, his looks are all about the eyes (just look at those piercing baby blues).

4. @lou_flores: Lou Flores is a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist who does makeup looks for every occasion — day, night or the IMATS, the world’s biggest makeup industry show. While his IG account is full of his own unique looks and creations, you’ll also find some celebrity-inspired looks, like Kim Kardashian on her wedding day and Rihanna at the CFDA Awards, as well as tutorial videos by his adorable niece.

5. @makeupbydg: Donovan Gibbs has a covetable collection of liquid lipstick that he swatches and models on his Instagram account. His expert hand with anything makeup-related is also quite enviable. For those of you who just can’t watch an eight-minute tutorial, his Insta is full of mini makeup tutorials. His lip swatching skills landed him a pretty cool gig. He’s now the face, er, lips, of makeup brand Nudestix.

6. @ultraviolentmakeup: David Sternberg’s Instagram account is where makeup gets interesting. David is a huge fan of out-there makeup looks that are full of drama. The amount of vision and creativity that he’s able to pack into that little Instagram square is as unbelievable as his mini editorials.

7. @JeffreeStar: Could I have this list without Jeffree Star? He’s one of the godfathers of male makeup artists and has done so much to increase visibility and creativity for the group. Plus, his incredible liquid lipsticks have helped push the makeup industry forward. You come for the makeup, but you stay for that attitude and daring.

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(Featured photo via John Sciulli/Getty)