Taylor Swift certainly seems like she makes a pretty darn good friend. Of course, this is all an educated guess based on the killer bday parties she throws for her BFF Abigail, music videos where she invites literally all her friends and cookie baking parties hosted by the queen herself that get lots of love on Instagram. It鈥檚 really no wonder that she has the ultimate #squad, because clearly, she tries to do right by them. Looks like T-Swift鈥檚 big-heartedness extends to the families of her friends as well. Get the tissues, you鈥檙e gonna need 鈥檈m.

According to PopSugar, when Tay Tay found out Kim 鈥淭oshi鈥 Davidson, one of the dancers from her 1989 Tour, had a nephew who was suffering from cancer, she donated $50,000 dollars to the little boy鈥檚 treatment. Her contribution helped 13-month-old baby Ayden鈥檚 family far surpass their $20,000 crowdfunding goal, and it enables him to get a full diagnosis and the treatment he needs.


On the family鈥檚 GoFundMe page the boy鈥檚 mother says 鈥淭aylor you have taken an enormous weight off my shoulders by allowing me to walk this journey with my son and be his protector.鈥 She goes on to say 鈥淚 will be forever grateful to Taylor and each and every person who made a contribution to Ayden鈥檚 fight.鈥

This is not the first time Taylor helped someone in need. In July of this year, she also aided another young fan with paying for their cancer treatment by donating another $50,000. You can see the video of the 11-year-old fan Naomi Oakes鈥 reaction to finding out Taylor had donated money to pay for her chemotherapy in this video below. This type of altruism from a superstar is pretty-heartwarming to see.

You鈥檙e an inspiration, Taylor.

What do you think of Taylor鈥檚 contribution? Is there a crowdfunding campaign special to your heart? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t PopSugar, photo via Fernando Leon/Getty + GoFundMe)