Heads up to all those NFL dads who are already helpless to their daughters鈥 adorableness 鈥 it does not get better. Soon, if you haven鈥檛 already, you鈥檒l even begin transitioning into the world of Dad Jokes, the unmistakably cringe-worthy, irresistibly goofy things fathers say to get a laugh out of people. Taylor Swift knows it, and honestly, learning that her dad is a big cornball makes a lot of sense given her silly earnestness as well. Just check out this video that Taylor posted to Instagram:

Can you even handle it? 鈥淣o, we are not out of the woods!鈥 he says as his phone camera pans up from the radio playing his daughter鈥檚 hit song to reveal he鈥檚 stuck in a big ol鈥 traffic jam. Can鈥檛 you imagine getting a text from your dad with the exact same joke? And can鈥檛 you totally picture Taylor鈥檚 reaction? Yeah, the biggest eye roll of all time, followed by cry-laughing. Because #dads.

鈥淢y dad鈥檚 got jokes,鈥 she captioned it. Don鈥檛 they all, Taylor? Don鈥檛 they all?

What鈥檚 the best/worst #dadjoke your dad tells? Let us know on Twitter at @britandco !

(Video via @taylorswift ; photo via Shirlaine Forrest/Getty)