Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West may not exactly be BFFs, but as of today, it looks like they鈥檒l at least have something in common: matching emoji! After living her best life in 2017 with a top-selling album (which momentarily broke iTunes), covering Time magazine as one of its selected 鈥淧ersons of the Year,鈥 and enjoying her new love with BF Joe Alwyn, Swift is capping the year off with her very own app, complete with tons of adorbs Taymojis to rival Kardashian West鈥檚 own.

The 28-year-old gave fans an early holiday gift in the form of her brand new social media platform, dubbed The Swift Life, designed exclusively for 鈥 you guessed it! 鈥 Swifties. The app, which is available for free download in the App Store, will let you 鈥渦nlock Taymojis, get social with other Swifties, and connect directly to Taylor herself.鈥 Yes to all of that, please!

Creating your profile takes just a few seconds, and you鈥檒l immediately be connected with fellow megafans from around the globe by following them, with options to like their posts and share them, just as you would on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You鈥檒l also be able to upload your own photos, clips, and custom stickers, and, if your post becomes one of the most popular of the day, it will even end up on the SwiftSends feed, which will reportedly up your chances of the songstress herself to see it 鈥 and maybe even respond!

@taylorswift's app #TheSwiftLife is coming late 2017! ...ready for it?

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And that鈥檚 not all! According to the Instagram teaser, songs will be added to the app each week (though it鈥檚 unclear if they鈥檙e from Swift鈥檚 catalog or ones she simply enjoys), and Tay will also have her very own personal channel where she鈥檒l be posting exclusive snaps, videos, and news you won鈥檛 be able to see anywhere else.

The more you use the app and interact with like-minded 鈥淟WYMMD鈥 lovers, the more Taymojis you鈥檒l earn, which can be used everywhere inside the app.

So, are you 鈥溾 Ready for It?鈥 We sure are!

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