The second hint is here, Swifties, and it鈥檚 just as mystifying as the first! After Taylor Swift posted a super cryptic clip on social media yesterday, fans went into overdrive trying to come up with theories as to what the 鈥淪hake It Off鈥 singer might be up to, with most speculating about a possible new album (*fingers crossed*) and some joking that she鈥檇 managed to eclipse the rare solar eclipse. Now, just one day later, she鈥檚 posted another mysterious video.

As short and glitchy as the first one, this new clip also features a beastly image, though this time it鈥檚 the creature鈥檚 long, curled, writhing body instead of the flicking tip of a tail. Given its green and gold spiky scales, most people think we鈥檙e looking at either a dragon or a snake.

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Though comments are disabled on the post, it racked up more than 1.4 million views in less than an hour. Yesterday鈥檚 tiny clip hit a massive 5,577,096 views (and counting) in 24 hours. (Honestly, how many times did YOU watch it?)

Fans are (again) all over the situation鈥

It鈥檚 clear that the public is ready for whatever the singer has in store, but our fingers are still crossed for new music.

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